20-09-2018 - 09:45
Free gift with every order above €75,-!

From today on almost every order will be EXTRA SPECIAL!

You will get a present with every order above €75,-!

Because we know we've got unique customers, you get to choose 1 from 3, 6 or 9 presents depending on your order value, so there will always be a right present for you. 


This is how it works:

At the checkout a pop-up will appear. You get to see a screen in which you can choose your personal free gift! We will then add it to your order for free and ship it with your order.



The amount of presents depends on your total order value;

From €75,- till €150,- You get to choose from 3 presents

From €150,01 till €250,- You get to choose from 6 presents

On orders over €250,- You get to choose from 9 presents!


To keep it exciting we will keep adding new presents to choose. This way you can treat yourself with something new every time you place an order!


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