Racer Points!

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Racer Points!

Did you know you can earn many Euro's by just making an account, or just by just referring us to your friends? You even get Euro's for making an order! We call them Racer Points and they are pretty easy to come by! Read all about it!

Step 1 - Make an account / Log in

Just Log In, or make an account by clicking on My Account on the top right side of the homepage.

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This shouldn't be too hard and we like to elaborate on the fact that we do NOT do a thing with your credentials. The data is encrypted and the account will just help you with an easier checkout and by saving your Racer Points. That's it, and that will remain it!

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Step 2 - Racer Points!

At the left side of you screen you will see Racer Points. You can find it at the bottom of your screen. The amount next to the words Racer Points are the amount points you have. 
Note: It could be you have registered a while ago (before these points), so please let us know. We will give you 200 points!

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Just click on this green bar.

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You will see 3 sorts of rewards are standing by! (Because in this case, there are 1650 points). This is a total amount of €16.50 in discount!!

If you click on the reward of choice (let's take €15,-) you will see this:
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Yes, you want to! (Obviously) and you click YES. After this, you will receive your code which you can use in your Cart. Just Copy and Paste it.

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Step 3 - The Cart

When you added product(s)to your Cart, you can use the code. 
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Push Apply and you discount is a fact!

When you have any question about this, please don't hestitate to contact us! We love to help you with your hard earned discount :)


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