Triumph motorcycleparts

Our brand-specific motorcycle parts can be found under this category. However, we also have a large range of universal motorcycle parts that may fit or be made suitable for your Triumph.

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Triumph motorcycleparts

Triumph Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville was launched in 1959, and is by far the most popular Triumph that they have ever produced. The first Bonneville was the T120, and was discontinued in 1983. In 2001, the Bonneville returned as a retro motorcycle. The motorcycle felt like a modern bike, but it had the looks of an old one. Since 2016, a new line of the Triumph Bonneville is available on the market. With a new 1200cc power source, the motorcycle still has the classic looks, but the convenience of modern times. That convenience is expressed in options such as ABS, handle heating and LED lighting.


Triump Rocket

The name already betrays it. The Triumph Rocket 3 had to compete against competitors such as Harley Davidson and the Honda Goldwing: a powerful bike that brings you comfortably from A to B, or optionally from A to A. The Rocket left the factory since 2004. Since the start of the production, the Triumph Rocket 3 was supplied in various versions, including the Rocket 3 Classic, Rocket 3 Roadster, Rocket 3 Tourer and the Rocket 3 Touring.

The Rocket is known for the engine technology. This has a 3 cylinder with no less than 2500cc capacity. For this reason the whole weighs in quite a bit, and that makes this Triumph Rocket 3 a real strong cruiser. In the most powerful version, the limited TFC, the Triumph produced no less than 182hp with a torque of 225nm.

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