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Yamaha MT-07 Customizations Worth Your While

The Yamaha MT-07 (previously known as the FZ-07 in the States) has been among Europe’s best-selling motorcycles since its launch in early 2014, and with very good reason.

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MT 07 / XSR 700 Parts

It combines sharp styling, a flexible and economical twin-cylinder engine, and a lightweight chassis to make a bike that is enjoyable quick, sweet-handling and easy to ride, for expert riders and beginners alike. Equally importantly, the Yamaha MT-07 is great value for money, providing a blend of fun and practicality that only few machines of similar price can match. 

However, like with every stock motorcycle, it will only be perfect after you have added your own personal touches to the Yamaha MT-07. In this article, we will discuss customizations you can do to your Yamaha MT-07 to make it make it the flawless motorcycle you have always wanted.


Shortened plate holder (tail tidy)

The original license plate holder is a thorn in the side of most people. Yamaha has made the number plate setup quite large to meet most countries’ road regulations. However, since not many people are a fan of the long rear fender, they change it with an aftermarket shortened plate holder. A shortened license plate holder is as invisible as possible and is a must for anyone who wants the clean look.

However, do realize that even though a tail tidy might be tempting for its looks, you are sacrificing some protection from dirt and rain which the rear wheel can throw your way in rainy conditions.

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Brake Performance

The brake performance of the Yamaha MT-07 is criticised by many. Such as the Daily Telegraph, a reporter rated the bike five out of five starts, praising the engine, handling, value for money and overall riding experience, while criticising the front brake, calling it ‘’adequate but less powerful than is suggested by its superbike-style specification of twin discs and four-piston monobloc callipers’’. Moreover, a second journalist declared that the braking performance was ‘’disappointing’’.

The problem with the braking performance is with the rubber brake hoses, they expand under harder braking which gives the front brake a slightly spongy feel and leads to it requiring quite a lot of force to brake hard. Putting a set of braided steel hoses on is recommended as braided hoses give much better consistency and feel. Moreover, changing the stock brake pads to high performance brake pads will also improve braking performance noticeable.

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Wind screen

The standard Yamaha MT-07 bike doesn’t come with a windscreen. It is like there is something missing from the front end. Especially when using your Yamaha MT-07 throughout winter, a windscreen will keep the worst of the cold, spray and general winter crud off you while improving the wind protection too. When a bike is used through winter it will mean the difference on the colder days between being comfortable or not.

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The suspension of the Yamaha MT-07 (2017 and earlier models) is for many too soft and underdamped. Any bumps or unevenness in the road will make you bounce around. The problem with the Yamaha MT-07 suspension is that it combines a too soft rear shock with over sprung forks – the usual recipe of budget suspension. Moreover, the front is non-adjustable, and the back can only adjust preload. Solving this means that you need to buy some softer fork springs. Might be quit the investment, however it will be well worth your while.



The sound of a twin is always a music therapy, but the emission regulations are killing the fun. Luckily there’s always an option that will unleash the power and enhance the looks. An aftermarket full exhaust system is supposed to be less emission friendly, so this makes the engine evacuate the gases quicker. It translates in better throttle response, better acceleration, sleek looks, and weight loss. Your bike will thank you for this upgrade.

Akrapovic is the market leader when it comes to exhaust systems, the Akrapovic for the Yamaha MT-07 will for sure unleash the beastly noises the Yamaha MT-07 can make. You can choose between a carbon or titanium can. Installation is extremely easy, a half hour maximum with the right tools.

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Frame sliders

This is a must for anyone wanting to have some extra protection for their Yamaha MT-07 in the event of a crash or a dropped bike. The crash pad’s job is to offer another point of contact in the event of a crash. Many people think that a pair of frame sliders will keep the bike untouched in the eventuality of an accident. This happens in half of the situations and mainly if the slider is a quality made piece of gear specially designed for the bike. If the slider is a cheap Chinese replica, you will end up with the same amount of damage as without a slider.

Often the slider can damage the frame or tear the mounting point if the bolt is too strong. So, stay away from robust aluminium sliders that can do more damage than good. Try to find some crash protectors that feature multiple holding points or at least a larger mating surface on the frame.

The combination of frame sliders and engine covers is the best choice. This way you will have extra chances of keeping the engine covers undamaged. There’s nothing more annoying than a scratched or cracked engine cover.

A rear axle frame slider also has the extra benefit of serving as a pivot point for rear jack stands. This way you can prop up your rear wheel up to do maintenance like chain lubrication, puncture repair, and oil changes. A well recommended upgrade.

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Bar end mirrors

Having bar end mirrors will make your Yamaha MT-07 look very clean. It adds great style and allows you to keep a good overview on the road. Changing the mirrors is actually one of the most common changes riders make to their bikes.

Bar end mirrors are loved for many reasons. One of them being that it makes it easier to lane split. The bar end mirrors make the bike less wide, making it easier to pass cars without hitting them on your way. Also, some people face the trouble of not being able to fit the Yamaha MT-07 through a door with regular mirrors to get it to the storage room.

Furthermore, do not buy cheap plastic mirrors from China. They clamp to the inside of the handlebar and over time they will vibrate loose. Moreover, the quality of the mirror itself is usually bad. With mirror zooms that do not provide a good overview of the road.

Some bar end mirrors have an extra feature. They include integrated turn signals. These indicators are often integrated in the bracket of the mirror. Installing them will be a little bit more work than installing the bar end mirrors without turn signals, however, they are worth it. They will give your Yamaha MT-07 an even more cleaner look.

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Tank Wraps

Motorcycle wraps have become all the rage. They are very easy to install as long as you have a heat gun. There is literally an endless variety of colours and designs to choose from. The great thing is if you get sick of the colour or if it gets scratched up just remove the wrap and put on a new set. Fuel tanks can be hard to wrap as they have a lot of curves and odd shapes. It is therefore advisable to learn how to wrap properly first.

Motorcycle Alarm

If you own a Yamaha MT-07, then you should be aware that it’s a great target for thieves. The best way to protect your Yamaha MT-07 is to buy an alarm system with high sensitivity that’s triggered by even the gentlest touch. Essentially, a bike with an alarm lock system is a theft deterrent.

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LED Blinkers

You are using your lights and blinkers almost everywhere your ride takes you, so investing in some quality LED blinkers is a great way to make yourself more visible on the road. LEDs are brighter, more efficient and last longer than traditional bulbs, and installing them is one of the simplest things you can do. We have tons of LED blinkers that can fit your Yamaha MT-07, meaning your options are nearly endless.

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To summarize:

  • A shortened license plate holder is as invisible as possible and is a must for anyone who wants the clean look
  • Braided hoses give much better consistency and feel and will improve your braking performance noticeable
  • If you ride through the winter a wind screen will make the difference on the colder days between being comfortable or not.
  • Buying softer fork springs will be well worth it for the quality riding experience.
  • An aftermarket full exhaust system will create better throttle response, better acceleration, sleek looks and weight loss.
  • Frame sliders are a must for anyone wanting to protect their Yamaha MT-07 better in the event of a crash.
  • Bar end mirrors will add great style, and they allow you to keep a good overview on the road and will make lane splitting easier.
  • Tank wraps are a great way to modify your Yamaha MT-07 as they are endless variety of colour and designs to choose from.
  • The best way to protect your bike is to buy an alarm system with high sensitivity that’s triggered by even the gentlest touch.
  • LED blinkers are a great way to make yourself more visible on the road.