Rearset BMW for R90S R100S R100RS
22MM Twin Pull throttle - OEM
BMW Monza Kit K-Series Anodised
Adapter Ring BMW R-Serie RV2 65MM Monza
Rider's handbook R80/7 R100T R100RT R100S R100RS 9/78-9/80, printed in english language
Rider's handbook R80RT R100 R100CS/RS/RT 9/1980-9/1984, printed in english language
Owner´s manual ( English language ) R60/6 R75/6 R90/6 R90S
Repair manual R60/7 to R100RS (up to 1984) , printed in english language
Repair manual R50/5 to R75/5 english
Book ''BMW Boxer starting from /5''-volume 1-in english
Drive-in mandrel 16mm for BMW R2V models up to 9/1975
Drive-in mandrel 18mm for BMW R2V Boxer models from 9/1975 on
Forcing-off bolt general motor for BMW R2V Boxer models
Clutch assembly clamping screw set / 5/6/7 models to Bj. 9/80
Additive for gearbox oil
Lead substitute dosing bottle (250ml)
Oil seal ''oil stop'' 300ml Liqui-Moly
Emblem BMW 70mm, /5 models, enameled, screw fastening
Emblem BMW 70mm, /6 models, enameled
Emblem BMW 82mm
Foot gear change lever GS short with rotating roller ffor all usual footest lowening sets
Footrests left and right for BMW R 2V G/S and GS models
Foot gear change lever GS with rotation roller for BMW R 2V Boxer models with serial footrast
Seal for wheel bearing 22X40X7 for BMW /6, /7, G/S, ST