22MM x 700MM Drag Bar Lenker

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22MM x 700MM Drag Bar Lenker
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22MM x 700MM Drag Bar Lenker

  • Metall -  Verchromt
  • Länge ca. 700cm
  • Pullback: 80MM
  • Diamter: 22MM
  • Keine Garantie gegen Verfärbungen!
  • Ohne TÜV

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Charly D.
Placed on 01 January 2018 at 12:46
No description was given
Mr. Danger
Placed on 12 December 2017 at 14:26
I bought this last week and it has been shipped super fast along with a few nice stickers.
The product in itself is nice and solid. You just have to factor the fact that specifications say it's 70cm wide, which is probably true if you measure and sum the size of the 3 sides of the whole bar. From one side to the other, in a straight line you are down to 64 cm. I knew that already and that's precisely why I bought it but it's better for you guys to know that before ordering.
All in all, I'd sum that up by saying that the product is excellent, price is fair, shipping is fast, can't be happier with my purchase.
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