Benelli Mojave Tank

Artikelnummer 06-0082
Benelli Mojave Tank. Dieser Tank in der klassischen Benelli-Form ist zweifelllos
einer der schönsten Cafe-Racer Tanks auf dem Markt.
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Benelli Mojave Tank

Super schicker Benelli Mojave Tank ,aus Stahl gefertigt. Eignet sich bestens für Cafe Racer oder Classic Umbauten.

  • Stahl Roh
  • Stabile Robuste Ausführung
  • 1.3mm Dickes Stahlblech

leicht für Schweißarbeiten zu bearbeiten da der Tank aus Stahl gefertigt wurde. Der Tank wird mit Tankdeckel
geliefert. Paßt sehr gut auf die XV Virago (siehe Bilder) für eine Cafe Racer Umbau.

Der Tank paßt auch selbstverständlich auf eine Original Benelli Mojave.
Top Qualität zu einen Super Preis.

Gesamtlänge: ca. 590 mm
Maximale Breite: ca. 270 mm
Breite des Tunnels: geeignet für Rahmenoberzüge bis ca. 80 mm Durchmesser.
Höhe: ca. 220 mm
Anschlüsse für Benzinhähne: links und rechts, recht 
weit vorne (ca. 420 mm vom Tankende entfernt). Ggf. nach ninten versetzen.

Der Inhalt beträgt ca. 10 Liter.

- Tank 
- 1 Deckel

Keine Spezifikationen gefunden
Johan H.
Placed on 11 November 2018 at 18:43
God service
Jip v.
Placed on 28 September 2018 at 16:16
Snel geleverd! Goed verpakt
Jamal E
Placed on 27 July 2015 at 16:00
I don't usually review products, but if you're sitting there, wondering about whether you should fang out the money for this tank, all I can say is 'do it' I knew this tank was good looking from the pictures on here and how it looked on other bikes, but nothing could quite prepare as to how bloody beautiful this thing is in real life. This is the perfect example of the Watchmaker analogy, because clearly, this shit is definitive proof that God exist, and if he had a bike, this would be the tank of his choice, and him and Jesus would be riding around heaven picking up chicks by turning their water into wine and challenging Satan to a drag race on his shitty Harley Davidson. The badge indentations are perfect to add your own individual flair, don't do what everyone else does and put a dry-as-wallpaper-paste Yamaha logo (my bike isn't a Yamaha anyway) but something weird as shit that you can talk about. Some cafe racer 'purists' would tell you that by choosing this tank you lack any creative vision and individuality since it's been used so many times before and then give you some bullshit as to how there bike is 'different' blah blah blah. Screw them, if everyones bike is different doesn't that make them all the same anyway? and for everyone 1 of them who says that crap, there's 50 other people who would be absolutely frothing over your bike. summary: get this tank.
Placed on 02 February 2015 at 21:07
Deze tank voor mn man gehaald voor zijn verjaardag en hij is er erg blij mee.

De kwaliteit schijnt er goed te zijn. Lekker stevig zei hij. Hij blij, ik blij! Aanrader deze shop. Reinoud is erg aardig
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