Hebben jullie een partner programma?

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  • Hebben jullie een partner programma?


    Het Motorcycles United Partner Program!


    We are introducing something very nice for our "die-hard-caferacer-building" customers who are also very active socially on the internet about their bike minded lifestyle! 

    The program is a great way to earn some rewards for all those die-hard wrenching sessions. If you have a big or a loyal following about you, your bike (Builds),

    lifestyle and riding gear or even a following that might be introduced into the caferacer-scene in the near future than this is a great way to get your hard work rewarded!





    How does it work?


    With our program you can register yourself on our special platform as one of our Partners, you will get a custom referral to thousands of products and our shop itself,

    which tracks every sale that will be referred from one of your sources! We offer a 5% base commission on every transaction that's referred by you and work with bonus incentives

    and monthly challenges to get you going.





    And how do I earn in this program?


    You earn from qualifying purchases through the traffic you drive to caferacerwebshop.com. Commission income for qualifying purchases on our webshop within the 45 minute cookie time that's set up at this moment.

    Cookies need to be enabled to make the tracking system work, browser add-ons like pop-up blockers and incognito surfing will probably cause problems tracking the referral too.




    Ok, sounds great! How do I get started?


    You can sign up by the link below, we will approve your account and contact you with all the info that you'll need to have to get started!

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