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Completely made by 3D printing, this protective box is made to house and protect the battery lithium CCA480 12V 9.2AH battery; It has mounting brackets with 5mm diameter holes; Dimensions: 157 x 118 x 83 mm; Protection box for starter battery.

Lithium battery module CCA480 12V 9.2AH

For motorcycles with electric starter

Benefits :

  • A featherweight : on average 6 times lighter, this battery is used in competitions to make motorcycles lighter.
  • A battery that is suitable for all models : due to its small size, it can be placed anywhere. The connection system allows adaptation to all clamp models - positive clamp left or right, etc.
  • Simple and fast installation : ready to use, no need to fill with acid. Once installed, it can be used without having to be loaded.
  • Long service life : no more malfunctions.
  • Silent, maintenance-free winter : the battery can be isolated using the connector - an operation that takes just 10 seconds and requires no tools. It can stay outside as it can withstand temperatures down to -30 ° C. Charging is not required during these long periods. It can remain unused for up to 3 years.
  • The battery is designed to prevent the battery from igniting or exploding with a hard blow or a flat tire.
  • Fast charging : After a start, the battery charges in less than 60 seconds.
  • An environmentally friendly battery : no heavy metals in the battery.


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Solise Lithiumbatterijmodule CCA480 12V 9.2AH
Lithiumbatterijmodule CCA480 12V 9.2AH
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Lithiumbatterijmodule CCA480 12V 9.2AH

Lithiumbatterijmodule CCA480 12V 9.2AH

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