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S-LED 3 B-LUX made of high quality aluminum is part of BARRACUDA's top range E-marked LED turn signals. It has integrated tail light, brake light and turn signals in the small design. These indicators are sold in pairs with color option.

Fits: Universal - Indicators

  • BARRACUDA's LED INDICATORS are universal and compatible with all motorcycles on the market. Each motorcycle has a specific system and therefore requires an adjustment.
  • A 10 WATT RESISTOR is required to change the operation and flashing of motorcycles with a 10 watt system.
  • Motorcycles using a 21 watt system require a 21 watt resistor to change the flashing and operation.
  • Motorcycles with an original LED lighting system do not need a resistor.
  • These factors are general and apply to 99% of motorcycles on the market, but there are also special motorcycles with unique technical characteristics that require special electrical adapters that must be assessed on a case-by-case basis and that require expert technical support for their operation.
  • To ensure the BEST INSTALLATION, we recommend that you purchase BRACKET BLINKERS for mounting turn signals to the motorcycle with RESISTOR and Turn Signal Cables to connect turn signals to the original system without modifying or cutting the existing cables or connectors.

Barracuda Part Number: N1001/BS3O, N1001/BS3N, N1001/BS3A, N1001/BS3R, N1001/BS3V

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Barracuda Universele Knipperlichten S-LED 3 B-LUX per Paar | (Kies een Kleur)
Universele Knipperlichten S-LED 3 B-LUX per Paar | (Kies een Kleur)
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  • S-LED 3 B-LUX ZWART (Paar)
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