Looking for cool motorcycle mirrors? Then look no further! We have a large selection of steering mirrors for your motorcycle. The best mirrors for each motorcycle. Check them out below.

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When converting an oldtimer, you can make the motorcycle completely to your liking. Regardless of what style you choose, motorcycle mirrors are important for your safety on the road. Do you buy bar end mirrors at Caferacer webshop? Then you can use our many advantages, such as:

  • Competitive prices
  • Large assortment motorcycle mirrors
  • Service from fellow motorcycle enthusiasts
  • Free shipping from €250/350,- and
  • Ordered before 21:00 hours, is tomorrow in house!

Everything for your motorcycle project can be found with us! For many styles, such as naked bikes, cafe racers, scramblers and more we have the matching motorcycle parts.

Assortment motorcycle mirrors

Despite that motorcycle mirrors ensure that you can safely hit the road, we notice that mirrors are often a part where opinions are divided. There are motorcyclists who find that mirrors do not fit the style of the motorcycle. Taste differs of course. We have selected a range of steering mirrors motorcycle that will look cool on any motorcycle. Mirrors with a beautiful design; modern, oldskool or sporty.

So do you want to replace your old mirror because it broke or just does not fit the style of your motorcycle? Then you're at Cafe Racer Webshop right! We have mirrors in many different shapes and sizes. We have what you are looking for!

Bar end mirrors

Besides the standard motorcycle mirrors that are mounted on top of the handlebar, we also have bar end mirrors. These mirrors are attached with a clamp to the handlebar end of your motorcycle. The mirrors are available in many different shapes, round, oval or in the shape of a drop, we have it all!

Brands motorcycle mirrors

The steering mirrors motorcycle that we sell are all of good quality. By putting together a range of products from well-known brands, you can be sure that you are buying parts that are solid, according to the latest innovations and strong.

One of these innovations is from Motogadget. This brand has designed glassless mirrors. No more glass that breaks when you bump into your mirror.

We also sell Daytona mirrors that look very cool under your handlebars. Daytona is market leader when it comes to motorcycle parts. Lightweight materials, fine, elegant designs and products that really work.

The mirrors of the brand Highsider are so popular for a reason. They have a remarkable design with an aerodynamic function. Whereby the Victory or the Montana, are the most well-known types. Sleek, sporty and very universal.

Safety motorcycle mirrors

Motorcycle mirrors are primarily there to be safe on the road. For yourself as a motorcyclist, but also for the road users around you. Want to be sure that you buy good quality bar end mirrors? Then pay attention to the e-mark. Does a product have an e-mark? Then it is approved for use on European roads.

Mirrors motorcycle mandatory?

There are several rules concerning mirrors on a motorcycle. Motorcycles made after June 16, 2003, must have a left and right exterior mirror. Cafe racers are mainly converted from older models and are more likely to be affected by the following rules:

Motorcycles put into service after November 26, 1975 and before June 17, 2003, must be equipped with a left exterior mirror. If the motorcycle exceeds 100 km/h, a right exterior mirror must also be fitted.

It goes without saying that a mirror must be firmly attached and not show any signs of breakage or weathering.

Need help?

We have a wide range of products. The more choice, the greater the chance that the right product for you is among them! Can't quite work it out? Then feel free to contact us. We are just as much motorcycle enthusiasts as you are and would love to help you out!