Motorcycle tires for every Cafe Racer

Motorcycle tires are part of how comfortable you ride. The profile of the tires ensures good grip, this is especially important in wet weather. Are you buying a classic car? Always check whether the tire profile is still good and there are no cracks.

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Motorcycle tires for every Cafe Racer

Motorcycle tires are part of how comfortable you ride. The profile of the tires ensures good grip, this is especially important in wet weather. Are you buying a classic car? Always check whether the tire profile is still good and there are no cracks.

A good set of motorcycle tires gives a lot of driving pleasure. With a good tire profile they will slip less which will give you more confidence in your bike. Looking for a new set of tires? Then you are in the right place. We have a large collection, with many different sizes and styles, such as the white wall tires. Buy your motorcycle tires at Cafe Racer Webshop and take advantage of our many advantages.

The advantages of buying your motorcycle tires at

  • competitive prices and
  • an extensive range of motorcycle tires and associated parts.

So take a quick look at our range and find the motorcycle tire that completes your Cafe Racer!

Types of motorcycle tires

One motorcycle tire is not the other. There are still many differences. You will definitely feel this while driving. We at caferacerwebshop have put together an assortment with only the best motorcycle tires. Your bike will feel stable, allowing you to take tight turns. Because we have put together the range with care, you can choose the tires that will look perfect under your cafe racer.

Tire brands

We have put together a range of tire brands that guarantee the best quality. It is important to choose a motorcycle tire from a well-known brand, because these are well developed so that they are safe and wear less quickly. They are also made in such a way that the grip is supportive on many types of surfaces. We have Michelin tires , Maxxis tires and Continental tires .

Our best-selling motorcycle tire brands are: Firestone , Victory classic , Shinko and Heidenau .

Profile tires

A good tire profile ensures a lot of safety. With wear and tear you are more likely to have a flat tire and accidents. It is also not for nothing that it is legally established that a minimum profile depth of 1 mm. This is already very little, we therefore advise you to replace your motorcycle tires at a depth of 2 mm.

To determine what kind of tires you need, it is good to keep a number of factors in mind. For example, the weather and the type of terrain play a role in the type of tire that best suits your driving needs. If you plan to use your bike in wet weather and on unpaved trails, it's best to choose a tire with large grooves. This gives you the grip you need. Do you prefer to drive in nice weather and on a paved road? Then motorcycle tires with a smaller profile are also fine.

Besides that the profile provides the driving feeling, it also gives character to your motorcycle. A profile with wide grooves looks very cool under any Cafe Racer. It gives a very tough look. These cannot be missing from a tracker! Take the Heidenau K60 tires for example, how cool are they!

Do you want to give your motorcycle a more old-school character? Then go for the firestone , victory classic or white wall tires . These give a unique custom look to your Cafe Racer.

Tire sizes

Motorcycle tires come in many different sizes. Do you want to keep the same size of your current tire? We have written a blog about how to read the tire code. It contains various band conversion tables. You can find the blog here >>

The sizes of motorcycle tires that we have in our range are:

Do you want to be sure that the new tire fits well on your rim? Check your old motorcycle tires for the size.

Motorcycle tires accessories

For the replacement, repair or check of a tire you are in the right place at the category “ tyres, rim tape & miscellaneous ”. A flat motorcycle tire is a common problem. It can often still be repaired. With the tire repair kit you have everything you need to get your tire roadworthy again. Do they really need to be replaced? Then a motorcycle lift is very handy. This way you can easily remove the rim from under your motorcycle.

Tire pressure

It is important to check the air pressure of your motorcycle tire properly. A good tire pressure has a direct influence on how quickly your tires wear. It is wise to check this every 2 weeks or every time you drive. The best way to do this is with a tire pressure gauge. Do you want to do this completely smart? Then use Motogadget's Mo.pressure . This works very easily with an app, so you can check the tire pressure at any time.

inner tubes

Inner tubes are also for sale from us. We have inner tubes of the well-known brands Michelin and IRC. An inner tube should be replaced approximately every 2 - 3 years. If you replace the outer tube, it is also best to fit a new inner tube.

Buy tires at Cafe Racer Webshop!

Buying your tires online is very easy at Not sure which motorcycle tires fit your bike best? Then ask us for help. We are a team of motorcycle enthusiasts just like you and we want to help you on your way. Simply go to our contact page .

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

How do you glue a tape?

You can repair a motorcycle tire when it is flat with the right tools, such as a tire repair kit.

How long do tires last?

How long a motorcycle tire lasts depends entirely on its type, driving style, the weather and more. You can tell whether a tire is worn by the year, possible cracks and the profile.

When to replace tires

You must replace the tires of your motorcycle on time, for example as soon as the control block has been reached in the profile of the tire, there are cracks in it or it is flat.

How much air in tires?

On each tire is indicated how much air pressure should be in the tire. Always consult these in advance before inflating the motorcycle tires.

How many mm profile motorcycle tire?

The minimum is 1 mm profile, however, this is very little and is not recommended to worry about. A good measure of this are the control blocks that can be found in the profile of the tyre. If they match the profile, the tire is worn out and needs to be replaced.