Cafe racer tanks & More

Looking for a cafe racer tank? We have more than just the fueltank you are looking for. We also have the materials you need to install your tank and give it the perfect look. Such as corner protection and tank pads.

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Cafe racer tanks & More

Did you purchase an old cafe racer? Then it’s more than likely that the fuel tank is leaking or not completely to your style. If this is the case then we got you covered! We have a wide variety of tanks for your motorcycle. Get your fuel tank at Cafe Racer Webshop, we have great customer service!

The advantages of getting your fuel tank at

  • Fast delivery!
  • Great prices
  • Huge variety of motorcycle parts
  • Service of fellow Motorcycle enthusiasts

All the products for your fuel tank

We have a wide variety of Cafe Racer fuel tanks. Even if you have a fuel tank that isn’t leaking we have the products that you need! We sell everything that you will ever need to repair, get rid of rust or whatever you need to clean your fuel tank. Want to finalise your fuel tank with pads or emblems? We have those in stock too!

Cafe racer tank

Is the fuel tank of your old-timer on its final legs? Get a new aluminum cafe racer tank or a steel one. With our fast delivery your fuel tank will be ready to be installed in no time! The fuel tanks we ship do have to be finished. You will receive your tank without paint or with a base coat.

The type of fuel tank you get gives a lot of character to your Cafe Racer, make sure you look at the model you have! A new fuel tank gives you complete control with the look and feel of your bike. We have a wide variety of cafe racer fuel tanks in stock. Among others we have BMW, Moto Guzzi, Yamaha and more!

Tank pad motorcycle

With a tank pad your motorcycle won’t only look great, it also protects you from damaging the paint job! While riding you will often slide forward a little bit and with whatever clothes you are wearing, you will damage the paint job of your fuel tank. Having a few scratches on your newly finished fuel tank is a shame of course. That’s why you should install a tank pad and save yourself time and effort of redoing your paint job.

Purchasing fuel taps or fuel caps

Have you lost the fuel cap of your motorcycle or would you like a new design? Have a quick look at our inventory of fuel taps and fuel caps. We have caps of aluminium and steel. Would you like a screw cap or a flip cap? A cap with a BMW logo? We got your back! In our wide variety of products we have caps with and without a logo, as well as a wide variety of colours.

If you’re looking for fuel taps you are also at the right place! With the Benelli Mojave taps you get the best quality. They are the perfect fit for the Benelli fuel tanks that we also have in stock.

Tank emblems

You have finished working on your Cafe Racer tank, but there’s still a lack of style? Add an emblem to your tank! It will give your tank more of a unique look and feel. A tank emblem is the part you can use to customise your Cafe Racer. We have BMW emblems, Yamaha or Honda emblems and many more!

Miscellaneous Tanks & more

This is where you will find all the materials you need for your Cafe Racer tank. Remove rust? Seal your fuel tank? Need gasoline tubes? You will find it all in our miscellaneous category.

Removing rust, cleaning and sealing

For all types of liquids you need, this is the place. Clean your fuel tank with Tank Cure and remove the old paint with Epoxy Remover. Want to remove rust? Use one of the products of Tank Cure! After you cleaned out all the dirt out of your fuel tank it is important to seal it. This makes the fuel tank easier to clean and keeps it free of dirt.

Edge protectors

A fuel tank can have a lot of sharp edges. With rubber edge protection this is a problem of the past. You can easily push the rubber protection over sharp edges. They are weatherproof, even in the hot sun it won’t melt! Order your 17mm edge protection or 9.5mm edge protection today!

Need help?

With the wide variety of products available we understand that it can be difficult to make a choice. At Cafe Racer Webshop we are here to help you out! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.