YSS Suspension is a modern suspension company that is founded in 1983 in Thailand, and has over the years grown immense in popularity. From 2005 on they make their shock absorbers with QS 9000 en ISO9002 certification from TÜV Rheinland.

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In the year 2005 YSS Suspension was aiming to raise the bar and attracted Harry Essens for the research and development of YSS Suspension. Harry Essens was already a well known figure in the suspension business and by his command YSS Suspension opened a hyper modern R&D department in Europe and raised the quality standard to the SO/TS16949 from TÜV.

With this high standard of products in combination with the best price/quality ratio on the market, YSS suspension is the best choice for everyone who needs new suspension for their classic bike, cafe-racer, classic super-bike or custom choppers. 

Caferacerwebshop.com is working together with YSS’s European R&D department to offer the best suspension for every customers, depending on their special needs and requirements .

For the classic racers, oldtimers and everybody who likes tho retain their “oldschool” look and don’t want to spend to much on their project, YSS came with the YSS RD222-P that is a oil-damped shock absorber that comes in chrome/black or complete chrome and is available with a great variety of covers to maintain that old school look!

The YSS RE302-T & YSS RC302-T dual shocks are their low-end Aluminum gas absorbed suspension twin shocks and are available in 2 cool versions.  The RE302-T is the version without piggyback style reservoir, and although it’s hard to get a hand on these nowadays they are still very populair with BMW R-Series Twin-shock bobber builders and other enthousiast that do want to upgrade to modern gas-absorbing shocks but do want to keep the old school looks. The YSS RC302-T has a nice piggyback reservoir that gives your bike that “factory racing” look, great for classic super-bikes, GP replicas and cafe racers.

For everyone who really likes to upgrade their Twin shock cafe-racer, classic superbike or custom chopper to the best possible suspension there is out there, YSS came with the RG362 series, Available without piggyback (YSS RG362-TRL) , with a piggyback with compression control (YSS RG362-TRCL) and as top-dog the (YSS RG362-TRWL), who has separate High speed and Low speed compression and offers all set-up options one can ask for.  These shocks are a very populair alternative for Öhlins, Showa and WP shocks.  These shocks can also be set-up in a “upside down” configuration by order.

The monoshock caferacers, classics and super bikes like the Yamaha Virago XV1000, XV750, the BMW K100,BMW K75, K1100, are being served with the YSS MZ-366 monoshock series, which are also fully customizable in length, strength , colours and come with piggyback (YSS MZ-366-TRCL , High & low compression YSS MZ-366-TRWL and theYSS MZ-456 is designed for extra intense powers like on modern supersport bikes or heavy tour bikes.

So it’s save to say YSS Suspension is a very versatile and reliable brand, combining knowledge from Europe suspension guru’s with the affordable precision from eastern workmen to provide the best suspension for everyone that needs a upgrade.

Please do always feel free to contact us about information, custom builds or whatever you want to ask about YSS suspension.



Why choose YSS shocks?

All of the YSS shocks are of excellent quality. For almost all factory motorbikes, a YSS Suspension set is a great upgrade at a very fair price! YSS shocks provide a driving comfort that is unequalled while providing perfect road grip.

How to adjust YSS shocks?

Many YSS shock absorbers can be adjusted with the supplied spanner. This adjustment is also called the "preload" of the shock absorber.

Where are YSS shocks made?

The parts of YSS shock absorbers are made in Taiwan and assembled by hand in the Netherlands. The shock absorbers from YSS Suspension are therefore always checked on Dutch soil before they leave the manufacturer.

When to change YSS Suspension shocks?

A good set of shock absorbers like the YSS shocks can, with proper and normal use, last for years and have at least a 2-year warranty.

How to mount YSS shocks?

Mounting the shock absorbers is done by putting the bike on a stand. Then you take off the old shock absorbers and you mount your new YSS shock absorbers in the right place.

Which YSS shocks do I need for my motorcycle?

In the product description of YSS shocks it is always mentioned what bikes they are suitable for. Besides that, there are a lot of YSS shocks that can be customised to fit your motorbike! When ordering these products you can fill in the brand, model and year of construction of your motorbike. After ordering, they will be made and adjusted especially for your cafe racer!

Are YSS shocks customisable?

Yes, YSS shocks can be ordered in exactly the way you want them to be. See the "custom" variants on Cafe Racer Webshop. If you discover something's not right or has to be changed later on, this is almost never a problem.

How to test YSS Suspension shocks?

You can test shock absorbers yourself by mounting them on the bike. After that's done, you can sit on your motorcycle and apply some pressure. Nothing wrong? Then you can take it for a ride and hit some speed bumps. If you don't hear any strange noises and the ride is good, you're fine!