Suspension for motorcycles

Take a look at brand specific for brand / type specific shock absorbers. This is the right place for universal and custom build shock absorbers and everything that has to do with the suspension of your cafe racer, classic, retro fighter, superbike or even custom chopper.

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Suspension for motorcycles

The quality of the damping and suspension is of great importance for the handling of your motorcycle. Besides comfort and handling, the shock absorbers and springs have a lot of impact on the steering behavior and stability of the motorcycle. If you find driving characteristics important, then it is worth investing in good quality. Shock absorbers wear out over time and kilometers, and a set of good quality shock absorbers creates confidence.

Within our range you will find many different dampers in a wide price range. The differences are in quality, but also in the possibilities. Dampers can work progressively, so the damping becomes harder as it damps. In addition, there are various options for adjusting the dampers. This way the pre-tensioning of the springs can be adjusted. The hardness of the shock absorber in terms of incoming damping and outgoing damping is sometimes adjustable. Finally, the dampers can be adjusted to height.

You will also find a wide range in the shock absorber department. Most shock absorbers can be adjusted if required. Check out our Emgo shock absorbers, Hagon shock absorbers, Motone shock absorbers and YSS shock absorbers. In addition to front springs and shock absorbers, you will find fork boots and fork stabilizers in our range.