Exhaust muffler

A muffler is often required to stay beneath the permitted noise level. If you want to reduce the sound your motorcycle makes with an exhaust muffler, you’re at the right place.

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Exhaust muffler

In our wide range you will find all kinds of exhaust silencers to muffle the sound of your cafe racer. Think of silencers from brands like Supertrapp, Emgo and Mad Exhaust and in a style that perfectly suits your motorcycle. Our mufflers are made of materials of the best quality and are easy to mount onto your motorbike.

Besides plenty of choice when it comes to your new exhaust silencer, we also offer quick shipment and personal advice by fellow motorcycle lovers. We’re happy to help you continue or start your own cafe racer project!

How does a silencer work?

To understand how a muffler works, one has to understand sound. Sound is a vibration and travels in waves from one place to another. The more frequent the waves and the higher the pressure that comes with it, the louder and higher the sounds. Inside an average exhaust silencer you’ll find one or more perforated tubes. These perforations are not only there to let the exhaust fumes through, but they also create swirls of sound vibrations. It’s these swirls that cause the volume to be lowered. Besides the tubes, most exhaust mufflers contain damper wool which absorbs the vibrations and thus lowers the sound volume even more.

Mounting a exhaust silencer

If your silencer isn’t doing its work properly it may be time to change mufflers. Luckily, removing your old and mounting a new exhaust silencer is a job you’ll have fixed in no time. Most times it’s a matter of unscrewing the exhaust clamp and sliding off the muffler from the exhaust pipe. To mount your exhaust muffler you simply slide it on the exhaust pipe and secure it with the old or a new exhaust clamp. If needed you can add some extra springs.

How to make a motorcycle exhaust silencer even more quiet?

Some exhaust systems still make too much noise, even when you’ve mounted a new muffler on your exhaust pipes. Maybe your neighbours are complaining about the noise your motorcycle makes, or maybe the noise your bike makes still lies above the permitted noise level. If you want to lower the volume of your exhaust even more you can simply mount a dB-killer inside your exhaust muffler.

Motorcycle silencer brands and styles

In our wide range of exhaust mufflers you’ll find products from brands such as Supertrapp and Emgo. Besides the best brands you can also find different kinds of styles. Think of Megaton mufflers, short and long silencers. With these brands and styles you can rely on the best quality and great looks!

Zard exhaust mufflers

Zard exhaust silencers are each designed and produced for specific motorcycle models. This way you can rely on the best quality for your motorcycle, optimal performance and a unique look. The Zard exhaust mufflers are made with the best materials such as stainless steel, titanium and carbon. To top it off: the price-quality ratio is amazing in every respect. Check out our Zard exhaust muffler range to find the best one for your cafe racer!

Leo Vince exhaust silencers

Another brand that cafe racer riders have been relying on for decades, is Leo Vince. Leo Vince exhausts are known for gracing the motorbikes of the MotoGP and World Superbike champions. This is just one of the many reasons why cafe racer builders choose our Leo Vince exhaust mufflers!

Megaton muffler

Besides quality brands, you can also choose between mufflers based on the style. If you’re building a cafe racer with an old school look, you can go for a megaton silencer from Emgo or our own brand MCU! These mufflers have the typical look of the silencers the original cafe racers had and are known for their distinctive sound.

Mufflers for sale at your exhaust silencer shop!

No matter what the reason behind a new muffler is, you’ll find the perfect one in our wide range. From handmade stainless steel silencers to matte black megaton mufflers, from Emgo to Supertrapp. At Cafe Racer Webshop you get to enjoy fast shipping which means that you can mount your new silencer very soon.

Need help?

If you couldn’t find the muffler for your cafe racer, or if you still have questions about our products or services: please take a look at our FAQ. If your question isn’t listed there don’t hesitate to contact our customer service! We’re happy to help you along your journey to build your own cafe racer.