Flat Tracker motorcycle parts

Are you building or customizing your own flat tracker motorcycle and are you looking for the best parts to make a head start? Then look no further than the category you’re in right now. Here we offer plenty of parts for your flat track motorcycle to boost the performance and make it match your style even more!

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Flat Tracker motorcycle parts

Are you building or customizing your own flat tracker motorcycle and are you looking for the best parts to make a head start? Then look no further than the category you’re in right now. Here we offer plenty of parts for your flat track motorcycle to boost the performance and make it match your style even more!

Besides a wide selection of flat tracker motorcycle parts we also offer fast shipping and personalised advice for when you’re stuck. We’re happy to help you choose the right parts for your custom dirt bike. In our range you’ll find parts for your Harley flat tracker motorcycle and many more motorcycle brands, so be sure to check it out!

What is a flat tracker motorcycle?

Flat trackers are great performance motorcycles that usually race over a flat oval sand or gravel track. The motorcycles are light, fast and don’t have a front brake. It’s common for flat trackers to slide, almost on its side, through the bends and use power gliding to be able to do so. Similar to the flat track racing from the 1930’s, the flat track racing scene of today has also been set up for maximum sensation and experience for the audience. As with many other sports, there are different classifications and qualifying rounds for each main event. Dust clouds and engine roaring, slipping rear tires and speeds of far over 200 kilometers per hour is what you can expect during a flat track racing event.

Is a flat track motorcycle road legal?

The street legal version is called a street tracker motorcycle. But what is it that makes a flat tracker motorcycle street legal? Street tracker motorcycles have wide riser bars and good low end power. Besides that most street trackers have fiberglass tails, front and rear wheels that are equal in size and chain drives. These parts make them more suitable for riding on common roads.

Flat track fairing parts

If you’re looking for fairing parts for your flat tracker motorcycle, then be sure to take a look at our fairing category. Here you’ll find headlight protectors, side panels, engine guards and fork guards.

Flat tracker seats

To be able to ride your flat track motorcycle comfortably, you’ll always find a perfect flat tracker seat unit in our range. These seats come in different styles and finishes, like tuck ‘n roll or diamond stitchings. You can also choose to only buy the fiberglass base and build the rest of the flat tracker seat yourself. Many of the saddles in our collection have that classic flat tracker spoiler, to give your motorcycle that typical look!

Flat tracker headlight kit

A flat tracker, or street tracker motorcycle, isn’t your average motorcycle. One of the features that give it the typical look, is a flat tracker headlight. These come in different sizes and shapes, so be sure to check them out! Besides a flat tracker headlight kit you’ll also find headlight protectors and guards. Some of these come with different lenses so you can vary in the colour of the light. Think of a smoked lens, a bright yellow lens or a bright white lens.

Flat tracker handlebars

In our handlebar category you’ll discover a wide choice of handlebars, throttles and grips. This way you’ll immediately have everything you need when it comes to the steering of your flat tracker motorcycle. Because of our wide range you’ll always find a flat track handlebar that fits your motorcycle best. Most of the flat tracker twist grips in our range are fast response throttles. This means you’ll make speed faster with less effort - just what you need when you choose a flat tracker motorcycle!

Flat track tyres

To make the best use of your flat tracker motorcycle, you have to make sure you’re using the perfect pair of tyres. Flat tracker tyres aren’t your average motorcycle tyres, because they have to endure a lot more and perform differently than regular motorcycle tyres. When ordering your new flat track tyres, make sure you order the right sizes. The tyres in our range come in pairs of a front and rear tyre, each with a different width. To know which size you need, you can check the sides of your old pair.

Flat track tank

The flat track tank in our range is one you can customize to your own desire. The steel tanks come with accessories like a tank cap, a fuel petcock. Before mounting the tank on your motorcycle you can decorate it the way you like with spray paints, stickers and the logo of your motorcycle brand. Of course you can also change up the accessories to make the flat track tank match your style even more. Be sure to check out our other categories as well, you'll definitely find everything you need!

Flat tracker exhaust

In the exhaust category you’ll find exhaust mufflers to lower the volume of your engine noise. These are handmade from quality steel and are easy to mount on your flat tracker exhaust system. The inlet diameters of the mufflers come in 42 mm and 51 mm, so make sure you know what size fits your exhaust system. Be aware that these mufflers don’t have an E-mark. This means that the sound is great, but that it doesn’t meet all of the technical requirements a motorcycle muffler needs to meet in most European countries.

Flat tracker apparel

When riding your flat track motorcycle, of course you also need to look the part. That’s why you can find plenty of apparel in our webshop, like jerseys, gloves and goggles. Not only will these make you look awesome, the goggles and gloves also have a protective function. The motorcycle gloves give you more grip on the flat track handlebar and the motorcycle goggles protect your eyes from bouncing stones and other dirt on the tracks. The jerseys by the brands Fuel and Thor offer everything you need while riding your bike, like comfort, breathable fabric and a great look!

Flat tracker parts for sale!

If you’re looking for aftermarket flat tracker motorcycle parts, then you need to look no further than our webshop. Here you can find everything you need to boost the performance and look of your street tracker motorcycle. At Cafe Racer Webshop we offer fast shipping. So if you order your parts that are in stock today, you’ll be able to continue working on your tracker motorcycle soon!

Need help?

Didn’t find the flat tracker parts you were looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us for help! You may find the answer to your question in our FAQ. If your question isn’t answered there, please contact our customer service. We’re here to help you find that perfect part for your flat track motorcycle and continue your project!