Brake parts

All brake parts you will ever need in one place. Whether you’re looking for brake pads, brake discs or brake fluids we have everything you need!

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Brake parts

Do you have drum brakes, brake discs or both? You will find all the matching brake parts here. Having good brakes is incredibly important, but you’ve probably already figured that out. Otherwise you would have not been on this page. You want to be able to rely on your motorcycle at any moment, especially when you need to take quick action. But one brake isn’t like the other. Many older motorcycles have drum brakes at the back and a brake disc at the front. You can find all parts to make your brakes work properly. Get all your brake parts at Caferacerwebshop and enjoy a lot of benefits:

  • Fast delivery!
  • Great prices
  • Huge variety of motorbike parts
  • Service from fellow motorcycle enthusiasts

All brake parts in one place

Whether a part of your brakes needs replacement or you want to improve the brake capabilities of your bike, we have the parts for you! Have a look at our stock. Whether you have a drum brake, brake disc or both.

Brake pads motorbike

Do you have worn brake pads? All brake pads for your motorcycle can be found here. Brake pads are generally the first part of your brake parts that need to be replaced. They wear down more quickly than brake discs because they are made of a softer material.

Worn down brake pads?

To check if your brake pads need replacement it’s best to measure the brake pad lining. Is it less than 2mm thick? Then you need to replace them. Make sure you go for top quality from a reliable brand. We have TRW and EBC brake pads.

Brake calipers

In general brake calipers last quite a while. Are you the unlucky one who has a rusty caliper? Then take a quick look at our brake caliper inventory.

Brake caliper rebuild

Do you like getting down and dirty? Then you can choose to rebuild your brake calipers yourself. In this case you will take apart your entire brake caliper, clean it and add the new parts. We have various overhaul sets for your brake caliper.

Please note! Brake claw rebuild sets are different per motorcycle model, so make sure your set is suitable for your bike.

Brake discs

Cafe Racer brake discs will wear down slower than brake pads. But eventually they will need to be replaced. To make sure you can ride safely it’s important to check your brake discs frequently. They are subject to large temperature differences. This can cause deep grooves, wear and even warping.

Replacing brake discs?

The thickness of the brake discs is often found on the disc itself. In general they need replacement if they are 0.5mm below the original thickness. Are you going to replace the brake discs yourself? Then also add new brake pads, even if the old ones aren’t worn down. The old brake pads can put extra pressure on the discs, which you can prevent by puting new pads on your motorcycle.

Brake shoes

Brake shoes can be found in a drum brake. Like you would expect, brake shoes eventually need to be replaced. The friction material wears down, resulting in less grip on the brake drums.

Replacing brake shoes

Brake shoes should be replaced when the brake lining has a minimum thickness of 2 mm. Most brake drums have an inspection opening where you can check how thick your brake lining is.

Brake lines and Banjo’s

When purchasing new brake lines it’s best to go for steel brake lines. They will last longer than old rubber lines that can also be damaged by stone chips. The steel brake lines last longer because they do not dry out and can withstand impacts. Would you prefer that your lines do not stand out as much? We also have stainless steel brake lines with a black coating, which look like the more old school rubber brake lines.

Our brake lines are usually delivered without banjo bolts. These can be found in our inventory. Please ensure that you choose the right banjo for the brake line, as every hitch is unique.

Master Cylinder Rebuild

Does your motorcycle have no constant brake pressure, or is there a leakage at the master cylinder? Then you can choose to rebuild the master cylinder. We have a lot of repair kits that have all the parts you need to rebuild your master cylinder.

It is also possible that your master cylinder has gotten too small after upgrading your brakes. In that case we also sell complete master cylinders.

Brake light switch

When you want to brake, it’s important that your brake lights also function. If this isn’t the case odds are you need new brake light switches. We have brake light switches from famous brands such as EMGO and JMP.

Retaining Pin

Retaining Pins are used to connect the brake pads to brake calipers. It sometimes happens that retaining pins are stuck. By removing them, they can’t be used again. The retaining pins we sell are from All Balls.

Brake Fluid & materials

For the periodic maintenance of your brakes, the “Brake Fluid and Materials” category is the perfect place to check. In this category you will find brake fluid reservoirs and various brake cleaners.

Need help with your brake parts?

There are many different parts involved in a brake. Are you not entirely sure which brake part you need? Feel free to contact us. We love motorcycles just as much as you do and would love to help. Do you need personal advice? Don’t hesitate to contact us!