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Customer service

Hi there!

At we like to play fair & fast.

To give you a few examples...

- Easy communication, we really like to talk with you about your project.
- Fair Shipping, with ridiculously low rates and about 98% same day shipping!
- High-quality products with razor sharp pricing! Go and compare ;)
- A super happy customer (friend) base! --> Click to check 
- Sorry, but we cannot ship to the USA 

Well, if you like to know more about us(click), you can check our webshop or our blog (! 

If you are proud of what you have made (you should be) and like to share it with about 150.000 people; please let us know and we make a story for you on our blog and share it on our Facebook page!

Our email address is:  [email protected]
Usually, we will respond within the hour. That's our trademark, however, sometimes we do take a sleep (don't tell anybody)

You could also give us a call if you like. Our phone number is +31(0)85 0606065

So, how can we help you?

The Cafe Racer Team!

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