Battery Charger & Trickle Charger

Every motorcyclist should actually have a good trickle charger in his arsenal, to avoid the stuffy feeling of an empty battery. Modern trickle chargers are so smart that you can just plug them into your battery after every ride and they'll bring it to top condition and keep it there until you're ready to ride again.

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Battery Charger & Trickle Charger

Most smart trickle chargers come with a power cord to attach to your battery with a remote charging plug on the other end, making it a breeze to charge your battery, but why is a trickle charger better than a regular battery charger and is there also a distinction?


Benefits trickle charger

A (lithium) trickle charger is equipped with powerful performance enhancers and safety features to ensure that your battery is fully charged and even improves the performance of your battery. The step-by-step charging system helps to charge and recondition batteries that have not been used for a long time.

In addition, it is also great for preserving battery charge and can help extend battery life. So using this charger will not only charge your battery, but it will help you keep your battery running longer than normal. It has multiple charging modes for normal or cold weather conditions, plus a power mode and a maintenance mode.

A powerful trickle charger is built to maximize performance while protecting the user. Often times, a trickle charger has anti-spark technology and reverse polarity protection to prevent injuries when connecting the charger.

In fact, it's the perfect solution to keep your batteries charged if you don't drive them often or if you have vehicles with battery issues that need charging and you don't want to buy a new battery. For someone who wants to bring an empty battery back to life or keep a working battery in excellent condition, this is a good choice.

Battery charger

Here you actually have 2 types of battery chargers, namely the conventional chargers and the smaller, lightweight, high-frequency chargers. When do you choose a conventional charger and when do you choose a high-frequency charger?

The conventional charger is usually chosen when charging time does not matter (fast charging is not necessary) and / or the traction battery is used less intensively. Conventional chargers are reliable and cheaper to buy compared to high-frequency chargers. A drawback of the conventional charger is that the energy consumption is higher than that of a high-frequency charger.

High frequency battery charger

You choose the high-frequency charger if you want the charging process to be faster and more controlled. This results in a lower battery temperature during charging and therefore a longer battery life.

Furthermore, there is less water consumption of the battery during charging due to a less aggressive charging process. These chargers have a higher purchase price.

Lithium trickle charger

Are you looking for the best lithium trickle charger for your motorcycle or car? You have come to the right place. Lithium battery chargers are ideal for charging your vehicle battery because they are compact, safe, powerful and portable. If you are looking for a lithium trickle charger you will find that there are enough available, so choosing a good trickle charger can be difficult and that is why we also have different lithium trickle charger in our range.

The Battery Tender trickle charger

The Battery Tender. trickle charger is very compact and easy to use. It has simple LED lights to indicate when it is charging and which battery mode it is in. It is perfect for keeping smaller batteries charged and maintained.

It is designed with good quality materials and is very durable. In addition, its small size makes it easy to charge any battery in any room without taking up too much space. It's a very affordable price compared to other battery chargers, making it a great option.

Tecmate Optimate Lithium trickle charger

The OptiMate Lithium 0.8A uses the proven OptiMate interactive charging program in an affordable package to charge and maintain 12V Lithium batteries.

The OptiMate Lithium 0.8A is fully automatic and fully protected against user errors. There are no switches. Affordable, compact, intelligent and forgiving, OptiMate Lithium 0.8A is the perfect tool for regular or long-term maintenance of 12V Lithium batteries.