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You can come to us for a motorcycle phone holder from, among others, the SP Connect brand, but you will also find many other smartphone accessories. In addition, you enjoy other benefits when you order at Cafe Racer Webshop.

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A safe way to use motorcycle navigation on a phone is by means of a good motorcycle phone holder. This keeps your hands free and prevents accidents. With a mobile phone holder you make the road a lot safer for both yourself and the other road users around you.

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SP Connect engine

The motorcycle phone holders from SP Connect offer a simple, fast and secure way to mount your mobile on your motorcycle. With a mobile phone holder on the motorcycle you can keep your hands on your handlebars and your mobile will not fly out of the smartphone holder at the first bump. SP Connect offers the perfect price-quality ratio. Moreover, SP Connect products fit on all kinds of different smartphone devices, both iOS and Android. This makes it a universal phone holder, but make sure you order the right phone case for your mobile!

What you need with an SP Connect motorcycle phone holder

The SP Connect telephone holders work with the so-called twist and lock system. For this you need both an SP Connect phone case and a mounting phone clamp. There are two bulges on this mounting clip that fit into the phone case. Then you turn the mobile phone on the motor phone holder within a few seconds and it is firmly attached. This way you know for sure that you can use your mobile responsibly as a motorcycle navigation, without having to worry that it will fall off. You will have mounted the clamps on your cafe racer in no time.

Place of fixing the phone holder motor

With a SP Connect motorcycle phone holder you can place your mobile phone in many different places on the motorcycle. Think of a special phone holder with which you can attach your mobile to the mirror, a clamp for the handlebar, or a ballhead adapter to connect the SP Connect phone case to the old-trusted RAM holder. If you don't want to leave your mobile phone on your motorcycle, we also have a handy running band. This allows you to attach your phone to your arm. This is not always ideal for navigation, but it is for example taking hands-free phone calls.

Smartphone accessories for phone holder motor

When you use your mobile phone as a motorcycle navigation, it is nice if the battery of your phone lasts until the end of the journey and does not give up halfway through life. A wireless charging module offers the solution for this. The SP Connect wireless charger is an extra product that you can place between your mobile phone case and the mounting clip. The way of attaching your mobile phone to the charging module works the same as on the motorcycle phone holder: you simply screw it on and it is firmly attached. The wireless charging module can be attached to the battery of your motorcycle with the universal charging cable from SP connect. This converts the 12 volts of the battery into 5 volts for charging your mobile.

Buy a motorcycle phone holder at Cafe Racer Webshop!

So plenty of choice! Whether you attach your holder to your mirror, to your handlebar or to your arm: there is always a suitable mobile phone holder for you. Order your mobile phone holder today, then you can often mount it on your cafe racer tomorrow! Not convinced yet? Then take a look at the many product reviews from satisfied customers who came before you.

Need help?

Not sure which motorcycle phone holder is suitable for your mobile, or do you have other questions about the products in our range? Then take a look at the FAQ below, or contact our customer service. A motorcycle enthusiast is happy to talk to you!

What is the best motorcycle phone holder?

SP-Connect offers very good phone holders for the motorcycle. The holders in the SP-Connect series have a minimalist look, but there are also special modules with which you can charge your mobile wirelessly.

How do you attach a phone holder to the motorcycle?

Most phone holders come with a handy clamp that allows you to attach the holder directly. For the SP-Connect holders you need special covers that allow you to click your phone onto the phone holder, as it were. This ensures a sleek and minimalistic look!

Where do you attach a phone holder to the motorcycle?

In most cases you attach it directly to the handlebars. There are also other systems that allow mounting on the transom or on the tank. So you can place the phone holder in all kinds of places on the motorcycle, but a holder on the handlebars is most often used.

How do you make sure that the motorcycle vibrations do not damage the phone?

Most phone holders have a special system that ensures that not all vibrations from the motorcycle go directly into the phone. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop all vibrations from the motorcycle with this.

Is it allowed to mount your phone on the motorcycle?

Attaching your mobile to the motorcycle is certainly allowed and useful for navigation on the road. Please note that use while driving is not permitted! This way you keep things safe for yourself, but also for the other road users around you.

How do I connect a phone holder with wireless charging to the motorcycle battery?

SP-connect has developed a special system for this: everything comes together in one holder. You will then have to connect the wires from the charger in the holder to the wiring of your motorcycle or run directly to the motorcycle battery and attach there.

What is the consumption of a phone holder with wireless charging for the motorcycle?

The exact consumption differs per phone holder and per charger. This is always stated with the holder himself.