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If you are building your cafe racer, you can hardly escape it: one day you also have to deal with your turn signal lights. As a real cafe racer lover you want the motorcycle blinkers to stand out as little as possible and to have a minimalistic design. Lucky you! In our range you can find plenty of blinkers: from LED turn signals to halogen lights that can be installed in all kinds of ways and places. So there is always a suitable set of cafe racer turn signals for you!

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Motorcycle blinkers requirements

If you don't want to be fined when you drive around on your cafe racer, you have to take into account the rules surrounding your motorcycle signals. The indicators on motorbikes must emit an amber yellow light, emit a flashing light and you must have at least two at the front and two at the back of your cafe racer. In addition, the blinkers must be mounted 240 mm apart at the front, measured from the illuminating area, and 180 mm apart at the rear. Motorcycle flashers may be blocked up to a maximum of 25%: you can find plenty of smoke turn signals with an E-quality certification in our collection!

Smoke turn signals

Now you may wonder: are smoked motorcycle blinkers legal? All our lights, including our smoke indicators, have an E-quality certification. This means that they comply with the rules on lighting for motor vehicles within the EU. So you can order our smoke lights and mount them on your cafe racer with a peace of mind. Believe us, it looks great!

Types of engine indicators

Nowadays there are direction indicators available with different kinds of lights. For example, you will find products with a LED turn signal bulb in our range, but also blinkers with halogen lights. What exactly is the difference between the two and why choose one and not the other?

LED turn signal lights for motorcycles

Most new motorcycle lighting today is fitted with LED lights. These have advantages such as the small size which means that they will not take up much space. Ideal for your cafe racer! In addition, they shine much brighter than the normal halogen lamp and are therefore more visible to others. To top it all off: no energy is lost in the form of heat and a LED turn signal flasher lasts a very long time. Your LED turn signal lights can easily reach 25,000 hours of use!

LED turn signal resistor and LED turn signal relay

When choosing motorcycle LED blinkers, you have to take into account the difference in resistance between halogen and LED (ohm). Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem by adding a resistor, or by replacing the flashing relay. The latter can only be done if there are two separate LED blinker lights for the right and left side, but there must also be no sound indication and the original relay must not be integrated in a multifunctional electronics unit. Take a look at our product range for your motorcycle LED turn signal relay, where you will find more information per product!

Halogen blinkers

Despite the fact that LED indicators have many advantages, halogen indicators have their own advantages. For example, halogen lights fit better if you want to give your cafe racer an old-school look; LED lights are often too bright for that. Moreover, halogen lights are often cheaper than the newer LED lights and the installation of the blinkers is often easier because you don't have to add an extra resistor or replace the relay. In our collection you will find plenty of beautiful halogen turn signals that fit perfectly with an old-school cafe racer!

Blinker installation

To keep your cafe racer as minimalistic as possible, you don't want your direction indicators to stand out too much. There are several ways to achieve this. Many parts, such as the mirrors, headlight and taillight, have the indicators integrated. So you don't have to buy separate blinkers and they don't take up more space than necessary. Of course, you can also choose to order separate turn signals. Separate direction indicators can also be mounted on your motorbike in an attractive way. In the end it is your cafe racer project, so choose whichever you like best!

Bar end mirrors with turn signals

One way to keep your motorbike minimalistic is by means of integrated blinkers in your mirrors. In this case, the motorcycle front turn signals are subtly incorporated into the frame of the mirror, for example at the back of the mirror or in the rod to which the mirror is attached. You can also buy separate bar end turn signals and provide your motorcycle with turn signals that way. Especially the brand Highsider has a nice collection of mirrors with integrated blinkers, so take a look!

Handlebar turn signal

The bar end blinkers that we just mentioned can also be installed without mirrors. With bar end turn signals you install the winkers at the end of your handlebar in a minimalistic way. These are available in different shapes and sizes, so there is always a perfect set for you. In our assortment you will find plenty of direction indicators that are easy to install on your handlebars! Another way to mount the indicators on your handlebars is by means of handguards. These handguards with integrated turn signals add style and function to your cafe racer!

Motorcycle lighting with integrated turn signals

Another option to install direction indicators on your cafe racer, without using separate blinkers, is by means of lighting with integrated turn signals. Take for example a motorcycle tail light with integrated turn signals, or a motorcycle headlight with turn signals. In the case of the rear turn signals, you can choose cool LED strips that can be attached to the subframe of your caferacer using a so-called 'hoop'. You can also go for number plate lighting with integrated indicators.

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