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Do you notice that your cafe racer no longer starts properly and do you want to replace the spark plugs? Then look no further than our wide range. Here you will surely find the spark plugs that will solve the starting problem of your motorcycle in no time!

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Buy spark plugs

In addition to a wide range of spark plugs, at Cafe Racer Webshop you can also enjoy:

  • Fast delivery;
  • Personal advice from fellow motorcycle enthusiasts!

Order spark plugs

You can contact us if you are looking for new spark plugs for your motorcycle. Fortunately, if replacing spark plugs at a garage is not your thing, you can easily do this yourself! You can test the spark plug yourself at home to see if it really needs to be replaced, or if there might be a problem elsewhere in the motorcycle. Before you order the new spark plug, thoroughly research which spark plug fits your motorcycle and always go for quality! In the description of the spark plugs in our range you will find the motorcycle models for which they are suitable.

Spark plug wrench

In our range you will also find plenty of spark plug wrenches to loosen your spark plug: whether your spark plug wrench should be 16mm or 20.8mm. For an answer to your questions about spark plug wrenches, take a look at our FAQ below!

Spark plug wire

The spark plug works closely with your motorcycle's ignition coil. These two are connected by means of a spark plug wire. This spark plug cable ensures that the ignition voltage generated by the ignition coil can be conducted to the spark plug. So it is important that the spark plug wire works properly. Do you want to replace your spark plug wires? Then you will also find these in our range!

Need help?

Are you not quite sure which spark plug suits your motorcycle? Or do you have other questions regarding the spark plugs of your cafe racer? Then take a look at the FAQ below. If your question is not listed, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you with personal advice!


Below you will find frequently asked questions about spark plugs, spark plug wrenches and spark plug cables. Take a quick look to see if your urgent question is listed!

What is a spark plug?

A spark plug allows the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinder to ignite. The spark plug is controlled by the ignition coil and therefore ignites at the right time: when the correct speed is reached.

What is a spark plug wrench?

A spark plug wrench is a socket wrench specially made to remove spark plugs. You can recognize it by the long neck and a metal pin at the top. All in all, a spark plug wrench is T-shaped, and the cap you screw in can be right on top of the wrench, or angled for even better access to the spark plug.

What size spark plug wrench do I need?

This depends on the spark plug you have and the space above the spark plug where you can store the key. Some of our spark plugs come in two sizes, so you're usually in the right place!

When should I replace my engine's spark plug?

This is clearly stated for each engine in the engine's maintenance booklet. A spark plug needs to be replaced on average after about 20,000 to 30,000 km, but this is not certain. When in doubt, you can always remove the spark plug and test it.

How can you check and test spark plugs at home?

You can remove the spark plug cap, unscrew the spark plug from the cylinder and then put the cap back on. You then hold the end of the spark plug against the cylinder and try to start the engine (kick start or electric). You can then see whether the spark plug sparks or not and thus whether it needs to be replaced.

Which spark plug is best for the engine?

This differs per engine. Since the spark plug is an important motorcycle part, we recommend that you buy a quality spark plug. The NGK brand offers very good spark plugs!

Can you replace the spark plug wires yourself?

Yes, this is easily done by buying a new cable (including the ends of the cable when needed). Then retighten the cable in both the spark plug cap and the ignition coil. Make sure that everything is properly secured.

Spark plug does not spark, what now?

First of all, you can try cleaning the spark plug with a copper brush. If that doesn't work, you can check the spark plug wires to see if there is still voltage. If all that works, it is most likely time to replace the spark plug.