Handlebars & Accessoires

Are you looking for parts for your handlebars? This is the place! At Caferacerwebshop we will help you on the road again. Handlebars, mirrors, throttles, everything to customise, tune or complete your Caferacer you can find in our webshop. Have a look at our wide variety of handlebars and parts below.

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Handlebars & Accessoires

The main advantages of getting your handlebars at Caferacerwebshop.com:

  • Fast delivery!
  • Great prices
  • Huge inventory of Caferacer parts
  • Personal service

Handlebars are more important than people think. Aside from everything that you do on your handlebar: switching gears, braking and speeding up, it is also the part that makes sure you drive comfortably. The comfort is not only given by the handlebar itself, but also by the grips, risers and throttle.

Our inventory of handlebar parts

The parts for your handlebars are grips, throttles, risers, mirrors and gearswitches. You can find all of these in our inventory. When we try to add extra parts to our inventory we keep all riding styles in mind. Not just style, but also size and the material that gets used. Small parts such as sensors, cables and bolts are also in stock. You can find these in our category miscellaneous braking and levers.


Of course you can find our supply of handlebars on our website. Handlebars for motorcycles come in various sizes. Every motorcyclist has their own preference when it comes to handlebars. One might prefer a high and wide handlebar while someone else prefers their handlebar low and small. We have a huge variety of handlebars and clipons in our webshop.

Even when it comes to colours we have various options:

  • Blue
  • Chrome
  • Black
  • White and many more…

In terms of brands you will only find high quality handlebars in our selection such as

  • Renthal
  • TRW
  • Biltwell
  • MCU (our own brand!)

Twist Grips

The grips of your caferacer give your motorbike a bit of extra character. Aside from that, it also provides grip and comfort. Good grips will make the vibrations during riding a bit less extreme.

This is why it is important to make sure your grips are in mint condition. When your grips are older you will feel the vibrations more intensely. This means that if you go for a longer ride you need to make sure your grips are still in shape. We have a lot of different colours, materials and brands, such as Highsider, Bihr and ProGrip.

Also make sure to look at our best sellers such as MCU and Biltwell grips.

Handlebar mirrors

Handlebar mirrors provide you a lot of information on all the other traffic on the road. Which makes handlebar mirrors a vital part of your cafe racer. These mirrors can be found in various styles. A very popular style for a Caferacer are Bar end mirrors, you can get many varieties of this mirror in our store. Make sure to go to our handlebar mirrors category to find some that fit you perfectly!

An important aspect of handlebars is that they aren’t too small. By purchasing handlebars that have an e-certification you will be sure that your mirrors fit the regulations that are currently in place.

Handlebar switches

With a handlebar switch, you are able to easily use all the technical parts of your cafe racer such as lights, indicators, horn etc. We have simple switches with just two buttons but also bigger switches with a unique design. From classical models in retro style to high tech. You can find all types of switches in our store.

Motor levers & Clutches

Are you in need of new levers or a new brake clutch? It is obvious, but having functioning brakes on your motorcycle is vital, quite literally. You have to make sure you have high quality brakes. But don’t rule out levers and clutches. Working levers and clutches will make your ride a lot more comfortable. They are also quite easily damaged so always make sure to check them. At Caferacerwebshop we only stock the highest quality clutches and levers. If you are in need of a new lever or clutch you have come to the right place!

Risers motor

Do you want to increase the height of the handlebar of your cafe racer? This is childs play with our risers. One reason to increase the height of your handlebars is to be more comfortable. But they also give you a unique look. We have risers in a variety of styles and colours.

Miscellaneous Braking and Levers

In our miscellaneous category, you will find all the materials you need to fix your brake and clutch system. Are you in need of parts to fix these? You’ve come to the right place. Make sure to have a look around this category so you can get everything you need to build, repair or customise your cafe racer in one place!