Seats and Subframes for motorcycles

Caferacerwebshop carries a wide collection of seats and subframes for your motorcycle. Find your cafe racer seat, brat seat, bobber saddle or tracker seat. Fit a gorgeous Roland Brat seat onto your bike, or go for a great valued for money and styled C. racer cafe racer seat. Go for a high quality Wimoto subframe.

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Seats and Subframes for motorcycles

Our chromoly steel bike subframes (made in the Netherlands) are very strong and well put together. Find your plug and play subframe or DIY bike subframe.



What is a motorcycle seat called?

A motorcycle seat can also be called a saddle, or sometimes buddy seat when two people can fit on the seat.

How to fit a cafe racer seat?

A cafe racer seat can be mounted in all sorts of ways. Most seats come with brackets to attach the motorcycle seat to the frame. If you want to finish it off nicely, you can install a steel plate at the bottom of the frame to seal it all off.

How do you raise the height of a motorcycle seat?

By adding an extra layer of padding underneath the upholstery, you can raise the height of the seat. This can also be done by making brackets under the seat that will allow you to fix it a little higher.

How to make a cafe racer seat?

Making a cafe racer seat is done by first shaping fiberglass or metal to cover up the empty spaces between the frame where your seat is meant to be placed. Then, foam can be added on top of the fiberglass and cut in the desired shape. You finish off the seat by covering it all up with upholstery in your desired colours. This will mostly be done with leather. Making your own cafe racer seat is a satisfying process, because you end up with a custom made seat, just the way you want it.

What is the best foam for a motorcycle seat?

The best foam to be used in the saddle, is saddle foam SG 120. This can be shaped in order to fit your motorcycle perfectly.

Is memory foam good for motorcycle seats?

It is better to use a firm foam that doesn't deform during use. Although memory foam will change to fit you, when the entire seat is made out of memory foam, it will probably not last very long.

Why are motorcycle seats so uncomfortable?

Cafe racer motorcycle seats can be uncomfortable, because they are meant to be very lightweight and make you sit in an aggressive riding position.

How do I soften my motorcycle seat?

You can soften the motorcycle seat by adding a softer padding or gel inlay to the seat.

What is the most comfortable motorcycle seat?

Gel motorcycle seats are very comfortable in general. To make standard motorcycle seats more comfortable, there are also gel inlays. These can be cut in the right shape to add to the seat.

Are cafe racer seats comfortable?

Unfortunately, no. The seats are made to look good, weigh next to nothing and have you sit in the right position. However, most of the newer seats are getting more comfortable.

Are gel motorcycle seats comfortable?

Yes, these are particularly more comfortable than normal foam seats.

How do you stay comfortable on a long motorcycle ride?

Make sure you take enough breaks and try not to get all cramped up on your bike. A good sitting position will help you relax more and if you relax while on the bike, the ride stays comfortable for longer.