Motorcycle tyres for every bike

Motorcycle tyres are vital to your riding comfort. The right tires give you great grip, which is important during rain or snow. Are you getting an oldtimer? Make sure you check whether the tyres are still in good condition.

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Motorcycle tyres for every bike

A good set of motorcycle tyres gives you a lot of grip. With good grip the rides will be smoother and you will have more faith in your bike. Are you looking for a new set of tires? You are at the right place! We have a wide variety of motorcycletires with various sizes and styles Like white wall tyres. Purchase your set at Cafe racer Webshop and you get a lot of benefits:

  • Fast delivery!
  • Great prices
  • Huge variety of motorbike parts
  • Service of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts

Browse our stock to see which tires will finalise your look!

Types of motorcycle tyres

There are a lot of differences between motorcycle tires. You will definitely notice this while riding. At Cafe Racer Webshop we have created a collection of only the best products like Tracker tyres and Cafe Racer tyres. Your motorcycle will feel stable, which means you will be able to make sharp turns. We took a lot of care when deciding which products go in our inventory, so you will find the tires that will be perfect for your cafe racer.

Tire brands

We have a wide variety of brands that guarantee the best quality. It is important to choose tyres of a reputable brand. These have been developed thoroughly so they are safer and last longer. They are also developed in such a way that you have grip under any circumstances. Some of the tires we have in stock are Michelin, Maxxis tyres and Continental.

Our most sold brands are: Firestone, Victory Classic, Shinko and Heidenau.

Tyre profile

Good tyre profile makes sure they are safe. With wear and tear there is more chance of a flat tire or accidents.There’s a reason that by law a tire has to have a minimum profile depth of 1mm. At Cafe Racer Webshop we think that 1mm is too less of a profile and we recommend changing them at a profile depth of 2mm.

To decide what kind of tires you need, it’s good to keep a few things in mind. Weather and type of terrain are big factors to decide which tyres suits your needs. If you want to ride your bike during the rain on dirt roads, you will need ones with deep grooves. This will give you the grip that you need. Do you prefer driving during sunny weather on a normal road? Then you can get away with tires with less profile.

Aside from the profile for grip, tyres also give a certain look to your motorcycle. A profile with wide grooves looks great on every Cafe Racer motorcycle. These are also fantastic for a tracker bike! For example, the Heidenau K60 will look amazing!

Would you prefer an oldschool look for your bike? We have Firestone, Victory Classic or White Wall tyres as well. They will give a great custom look for your Cafe Racer.

Tyre sizes

Motorcycle tyres are there in various sizes. Would you like to keep the same size of your current tire? You can find a list of the sizes we have in stock below:

Do you want to make sure your tire fits perfectly? Make sure to check your old ones for the correct size.

Motorcycle tyres & Miscellaneous

When replacing, repairing or checking your tyres, we have you covered! Our category Tyres Miscellaneous is the place to be. A flat tire is an often occurring problem. Often it’s easy to repair. With a repair set you have everything you need to make your bike ready to get on the road again. Having a bike lift is helpful. This makes it easy to change the rims of your bike.

Tyre pressure

It is important to check your tyre pressure frequently. Good pressure has a big influence on how fast they will lose grip. It is important to check your tires either every two weeks or everytime you go for a ride. You can do this with a pressure gauge. Do you want to go about it perfectly? Use the Mo.pressure by Motogadget. It works via an app which means you can gauge the tyre pressure at any moment.

Inner tubes

We also sell inner tubes. We have inner tubes by famous brands such as Michelin and IRC. An Inner Tube has to be replaced roughly every two to three years.

Get your tyres at Cafe Racer Webshop!

Purchasing your tires online is easily done via Are you not sure which ones fit your bike the best? Ask us! We love motorbikes as much as you do and would love to help you back on the road. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page.


How do you fix a tyre?

A motorbike tyre can be repaired when it is flat with the right tools, such as a tire repair kit.

How long can you use tyres for?

How long a motorbike tyre lasts depends entirely on its type, handling, weather and more. You can tell if a tire is worn by the year, possible cracks and the profile.

When should you replace tyres?

The tyres on your motorbike should be changed in time, for example, when the check mark is reached in the profile, when the tire has cracks or when it has a puncture.

How much tyre pressure is good for my bike?

Each tire shows how much air pressure it should have. Always consult this before inflating them.