Motorcycle Headlights

As an avid Cafe racer motorcyclist you understand how important headlights are for the look and feel of your cafe racer. When we compiled our inventory we made sure to have lots of variations of lights for your motorcycle. This means you will have a wide variety of headlights, but also that you can tour safely. Take a look at our assortment of LED headlights and regular ones below.

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Motorcycle Headlights

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A good motorcycle headlight is essential (and mandatory) on every bike. With our expertise and our wide variety of motorcycle lights you will most definitely find the right headlight for your Cafe Racer. We also stock LED headlights if that has your preference. Our stock includes the most popular brands like Highsider, Shin Yo and LSL.

An important part of your cafe racer

You will realise how important a well functioning headlight is when you have to drive in the dark. Of course, knowing where you are on the road is important, but even more vitally: incoming traffic knows where you are as well. LED motorcycle headlights will of course help with this. Oftentimes people don’t realise how difficult it is to see traffic at nighttime. Knowing that your motorbike headlight is functioning properly is important as well as comforting. Keep an eye on it!

Huge stock of motorcycle headlights

Are you looking for a cafe racer headlight? Then we have a wide variety available for you! We try to keep as many different types of lights in stock as possible. That’s why we have modern lights, more classic models, LED headlights and black and chrome headlights. Motorbike headlights are available in various sizes, of which the 7” or 7 inch is the most common. Aside from knowing if this lamp is a perfect fit for your motorbike, it’s also important to know if you want to go for a halogen or LED headlights.

Various types of headlights; Halogen or LED

When trying to find a motorcycle headlight it is important to know what type of light you’re going to install. Both have pros and cons. We think it’s important for you to know the differences which is why you can find more information on the two most common types below.

Halogen Headlights

Halogen headlights have various advantages. For one, they are very easy to install and are relatively cheap. Would you like to be able to effortlessly change your headlight? Then a halogen motorcycle headlight is a good idea. Aside from that, the type of light is perfect for a retro or classic look.

LED motorcycle headlights

More and more people chose LED headlights. Even though it is more expensive than a halogen lamp, it does have a lot of advantages. LED lights last longer, which is a great benefit of course. Apart from that LED uses a lot less energy and shines brighter. Often the light that a LED headlight emits is bright, which means you will be more visible on the road. The lamps in LED headlights are small which means they can be combined to create unique looks. In a circle for example, such as the Halo headlight. They can also be a horizontal line, such as the Thunderbolt headlight. Are you looking for a unique look on your cafe racer that radiates a lot of light? Then LED headlights are for you!

Headlights in unique styles

The type of light is of course important, but the style of light is just as crucial. When you decide on the look of your cafe racer bike you will have a picture in mind. It might be a classic Cafe Racer, a tracker, a scrambler or maybe a brad. That’s why we have such a wide variety of cafe racer headlights in stock.

Famous brands

We have a wide variety of brands in stock. Such as KOSO, Shin Yo, Highsider and LSL headlights. The brands we stock all have to be high quality. Durable, unique design and look great.

Installing a headlight

Installing a different light on your cafe racer is not complicated. Transforming a new unit is doable most of the time. Is it your first time installing a headlight? Make sure to take a picture of how the cables are installed in your current headlight. Having a picture as backup can help you if you don’t remember. Don’t cut the wires, if for some reason you can’t properly install the new light you can always install your old unit again.

Headlight Brackets

When installing your headlight you can use headlight brackets. You can do this to change the look of your bike, or if your current supports are in need of replacement. Do you need headlight brackets? We have various types in stock.

Need assistance?

If you need assistance when choosing your new headlights, we are here to help! Our team of motorcycle enthusiasts is here for you. We also have Frequently Asked Questions which might be helpful. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!