Everything for the Yamaha Virago motorcycle

Do you want to treat yourself to a cafe racer-style motorcycle and you don't know which model to choose? In this case, you are in the best place.

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Everything for the Yamaha Virago motorcycle

Have you always had a preference for the Yamaha brand? In this case you will love the Yamaha virago motorcycle models that we offer. We also help you customize your Yamaha virago motorcycle to give it a great style and to boost its performance.

Why trust us ?

You should already know that café racer webshop is a site that has a certain notoriety in 2021. Indeed, we are the reference shop in terms of café racer motorcycles for several reasons. You can trust us to successfully complete your cafe racer modification project, regardless of the model and brand of your motorcycle!

Genuine parts available

At café racer webshop, we are concerned about the satisfaction of our customers. This is our main motto. This is why we make sure to provide you with genuine parts. If you have a Yamaha virago model, for example, you just have to go to our site to see the different parts we have available. These are indeed authentic parts that are perfectly suited to this type of model.

Expert advice

Also take advantage of our expert advice to help you with your projects. If you have a cafe racer or scrambler project with your Yamaha virago motorcycle, regardless of the model in your possession, you can contact us for advice. You should know that café racer webshop is a shop made up of a team of professional motorcycles. We are also cafe racer motorcycle enthusiasts like you. Do not hesitate to contact us before choosing the different pieces on our shop.

Personalized support

We also offer personalized support to our customers in order to satisfy them as best as possible. Each project is different and requires serious consideration. This is why Café racer webshop takes care of supporting motorcycle enthusiasts to carry out their projects.

Quality service

If you need to buy a new cafe racer motorcycle, do not hesitate to call on our services and skills. Indeed, you should know that the quality of our service is rated 5 stars by our customers. A team available, attentive, and above all, made up of experts who share the same passion for the cafe racer motorcycle is at your entire disposal!

The customization of a Yamaha virago motorcycle

You have a Yamaha virago model and you would like to customize it? Yet you don't know how to achieve it? In this case, café racer webshop is your best ally. To help you carry out your Yamaha virago customization project, the café racer webshop experts have selected the best parts and the best tools to make your job easier. Do you want a Yamaha virago café racer or a virago scrambler? In this case, you will be able to improve the performance of your motorcycle, as well as its style, thanks to the help and support of Café racer webshop!

Our different Yamaha virago motorcycle models

If you are looking for a Yamaha virago motorcycle, you have come to the right place. Indeed, on our shop, we have a wide choice of Yamaha virago models. Discover them to better make your choice!

1) Yamaha virago 535

Find a Yamaha virago 535 cafe racer on cafe racer webshop. We are specialized in the customization of the virago 535 customs. In this case, if you are looking for a virago 535 cafe racer, do not hesitate to contact us. This model is available at the best price on our store.

2) Yamaha virago 750

Are you a fan of vintage and retro motorcycles? For your greatest pleasure, we also offer a Yamaha xv 750. The virago 750 is a custom motorcycle that offers better performance. So, if you are looking for a café racer 750 virago, go to café racer webshop!

3) Yamaha xv500

Café racer webshop also has a virago 500 for those who like this model. Indeed, the virago 500 custom which continues to seduce café racer enthusiasts. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and follower of the Japanese brand, why not treat yourself to a Yamaha virago 500 specs? In any case, we are here to advise you in case of doubt and question.

4) virago 125 cafe racer

The Virago 125 motorcycle is a custom motorcycle model that stands out for its performance. Indeed, it has a V-twin engine. The model also has a look and a style that does not leave anyone indifferent. Find it on café racer webshop at the best price!

5) Yamaha xv 1100 virago motorcycle

The virago xv 1100 is a powerful model in terms of performance since it is equipped with a V-twin engine. Indeed, this model offers a displacement of 1063 cm³, which is why it is considered a motorcycle plus size custom styling. Treat yourself to an xv 1100 at the best price on our site!

Various parts and accessories for Yamaha virago available

If you need to replace some parts of your motorcycle from the virago range, you absolutely must consult our offers. Indeed, we have a wide range of Yamaha virago accessories, on our shop.


On our shop, that is to say cafe racer webshop, find the ideal exhaust for your motorcycle from the virago range. It doesn't matter which model you have, just contact us to find out what type of exhaust can work with the model you have.


Having trouble finding the right suspension for your virago? Don't panic, now find the suspension adapted to your model on our café racer webshop. And this, along with all the other parts that can help you maintain and/or improve the performance of your motorcycle.

Various accessories and electronics

Do you need to find electronic components for your virago motorcycle? Visit the café racer webshop: regulator/rectifier, starter relay, ignition coil, brake light switch, and starter for various models in the Yamaha virago range are available from us! Don't wait any longer and treat yourself to authentic accessories!

Subframes and Kits

Looking for subframes for your virago? Just click on the dedicated section “sub-frames and kits” to discover the products currently available on our shop. You will also find conversion kits for Yamaha virago cafe racer at the best price.


It is strongly advised to maintain your motorcycle well in order to maintain better performance. To make your job easier, get yourself the tools you will need, namely, an engine repair kit, carburetor repair kit, fuel pump repair kit, dynamo cover gasket, as well as a disc Yamaha brake.