Footpegs & Rearsets

Do you need footpegs, rearsets or kickstarters for your motorcycle? Everything to switch gears, brakes and start your bike you can find in our shop. We have everything to customise your Cafe Racer. If you want to find the widest variety of footpegs, rearsets and kickstarters you’re in the right place.

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Footpegs & Rearsets

Do you want to be able to drive without worries and be at complete ease? Our collection of Cafe Racer rearsets, footpegs and kickstarters will make sure you can ride without worrying. Aside from that these are a way to give your Cafe Racer its own unique look. Purchase your parts at Cafe Racer Webshop and enjoy a wide variety of benefits:

  • Fast delivery!
  • Great prices
  • Huge variety of motorcycle parts
  • Friendly customer service

All pedals for your motorcycle in one place!

Are you looking for a new kickstarter, gas pedal or footpeg? You’re at the right place! We have everything you could wish for. You can find all the materials you need for this type of project, like blanking plates, footpegs and more!

Footpegs & Cafe racer rearsets

Is your footpeg or rearset broken, worn down or do you want to change the way you sit on your bike? This is the place to be. A Cafe Racer handlebar is often a bit lower, which means you take a more sporty position on the bike. If your footpegs are in the wrong position you will have a very difficult drive. Do you often have a sore back, shoulders or legs? Then it’s a good time to change your pegs. Luckily we have a wide variety of footpegs and rearsets on offer.

Cafe Racer Rearsets

A rearset is a set of pedals for the switch and braking of your motor. With this new set you can choose to move the pedals to the back. It is important that the pedals of your cafe racer rearset work as smoothly as possible. This makes sure you stay safe on the road. Do you need a replacement? We have quite a few famous brands such as LSL and Tarozzi rearsets. You can find all of our rearsets here.

Footpegs for your motorcycle

Footpegs are here to let you rest your feet as you are driving. They are also called motor steps. Motor footpegs come in various shapes and sizes. They are available in rubber, aluminium or steel. Each has their own look and feel. Next to supporting you, it can also help your passenger. The best footpegs for a passenger are the foldable footpegs. You can easily fold them up if you are going out for a drive on your own.

Pegs / Pedals and linkages

Are you looking for motorcycle pedals or parts to install pedals on your bike? Have a look in our category pegs / pedals and linkages. Aside from pedals you will also find ball joints, shift mounts and linkage rods. Are you someone who doesn’t take a passenger on your rides? You can easily change your motorcycle look with blanking plates by Motone. They are easy to install and are very elegant.

Need help?

With the wide variety of products available we understand that it can be difficult to make a choice. At Cafe Racer Webshop we are here to help you out! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.