Bring the style of your cafe racer together with motorcycle fairings. Whether you're going for oldskool or a sporty look, with the right panels you can easily transform your cafe racer into your dream bike.

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Cafe racer fairing

We have different front fairing parts for your cafe racer. From club style to oldskool. Find the custom fairing panels that fit your style.

Windshield engine

Besides fairing parts we have in this category windshields for your bike. These screens fit perfectly on our custom fairing panels.

Side panels

Also to finish the sides of your cafe racer we have the right materials. We have side panels in different shapes, colors and brands.

Skid plates & Bugspoilers

Want to protect your cafe racer against flying stones? Then go for a skid plate or bugspoiler. These protect your engine optimally. Tackling narrow offroad trails is no longer a problem!

Fairing kits

Want to get your hands on a complete fairing kit? Then take a look in this category.

Engine protection

Want to protect your motorcycle from falling? Then this is the place to be. You can find crash caps and crash brackets in this category. With these, you no longer have to worry about someone tapping into your motorcycle.