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1-component tank sealer 0,5L
Rust Arrestor

1-component tank sealer 0,5L

1-component tank sealer 0,5L
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EC Tank Sealer

The EC-Tank sealer is a solvent containing 1-component polyurethane resin that chemically cures with air humidity to form a permanent elastic coating that is resistant to petrol, diesel, solvents and chemicals. It can be used to seal up to holes down to 2 mm. This makes this product excellent to use on all metal and plastic fuel tanks!

It is also suitable for coating other rust-sensitive metals, such as sheet steel and other metal parts.

- 0.5 litres is enough for a tank of about 30 litres or several small tanks.
- 1 component tank sealer is perfect to use in fuel tanks
- Thin and liquid, it reaches every spot in which rust would fit
- Good adhesion
- Suitable for all types of fuel
- Permanent elasticity 
- Also suitable for plastic tanks

Instructions for use :

The tank must be thoroughly dry before you use Rust Arrestor in it. Shake well so that the product reaches all rust spots well. Then let the tank rest, putting it in a different position every 2 hours so that the product can work in. Repeat this action until you have been around the tank. You can then pour the Rust-arrestor back into the container, possibly filtered (by for example with a coffee filter). Let the tank dry well, as the curing time is at least 24 hours.

If the tank is well dry, rinse it with Thinner. Allow the tank to dry again and then coat it with the EC-Tank sealer.

The EC-Tank sealer is poured back into the can and the tank should be left to dry in the open for 3 to 4 days (in cardboard for example). After that, the tank can be filled with fuel. The remaining EC Tank sealer can be kept for some time by closing the can and turning it upside down.


In order to avoid damage on the external part of your tank, you can pack it with foil, and close the filling opening with tape. To cover the other openings, the use of duct tape is recommended. Do not use the original fuel cap. If the possible fuel line cannot be disassembled, puncture it or blow through it immediately after sealing.

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Rust Arrestor 1-component tank sealer 0,5L
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1-component tank sealer 0,5L
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