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How To: Make a Camera Mount for 5 Dollar

8 May 2019
by Max Govindaraju

In this post, dbond teaches us how to make a Camera Mount for 5 Dollars. Start filming your motorcycle races.

We know that Go Pro is considered as the benchmark when it comes to filming while moving, even in dangerous - and potentially lethal - situations. 
However, a Go Pro camera isn't cheap. Actually, it is quite an investment. 

We know that everyone owns a smartphone with a great camera nowadays. You have probably forgotten your good old digital camera somewhere in your garage by now. You could leave it there ... or give it a second life by mounting it on your Cafe Racer. Start filming your MotoGP escapades on the public road!

What does it take? About 30 minutes, five bucks and the following:

Step 1 - Materials

  • 3/4" PVC "T" Coupling threaded on one end.
  • 3/4" PVC threaded cap
  • 2 Hose clamps big enough to fit around handlebars
  • 1/4" X 20 X 1" hex bolt with nut and washer.

That's it!

It might be helpful to have a short length of hose to act as a spacer between the pipe and the handlebar.
Also, it might be helpful to attach a piece of foam over the camera's microphone to reduce wind noise.

Step 2 - Cut and Drill

Begin by cutting the 3/4" "T" coupling in half lengthwise. I used a Dremel to cut mine. Then, drill a 1/4" hole in the centre of the threaded end cap. Then install your hex bolt, washer and nut through the top of the end cap. Screw the cap onto the 3/4" "T" coupling.

How to Make a Camera MountHow to Make a Camera Mount 3How to Make a Camera Mount 2

Step 3 - Installing the Camera Mount

Now we're going to install the camera mount.
Begin by loosening the hose clamps and slipping them over the handlebars. Next, slide the "T" coupling mount under the hose clamps and tighten them.

Note: You may have to slip some cardboard or small hose sections between the coupling and the handlebars to ensure a tight fit.

How to make a Camera Mount

Step 4 - Finished!

camera mount diy

Screw your camera onto the mount, and you're ready to race!

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