Biltwell is the Biker Scene Rebel since 2005. Back in 2005, there was a group of bikers that absolutely loved customizing their engines. However, the friends considered that most of the awesome parts were really overpriced.

With the intent of changing that fact, Biltwell was founded in 2005. The company offered high-quality motorcycles parts, gear and clothing at a competitive price.

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Biltwell range consists of many products that will ensure that you can completely customize your Café Racer or Chopper according to your taste. Grips, handlebars, seats, lights and mirrorsare now customizable. Your bike can have the style you want and now that it has a trendy look, you need one as well! The Biltwell helmets, gloves and other clothing parts will make sure you make a good-looking combo.

Each Biltwell helmet, pair of gloves or another product has been designed and produced with that philosophy. Therefore, they will always be sturdy and easy to use.


Biltwell Product Line

Biltwell is a real trendsetter in terms of style when it comes to the aesthetics of your Café Racer of Custom bikes. Make your bike unique with Biltwell parts.


Biltwell Grips

The Biltwell Thruster, Biltwell Torker, Biltwell Renegade, Biltwell Kung Fu and Biltwell Recoil grips are a real concept in the Café Racer and custom bike world. These durable grips are available in a wide range of colours and guarantee a comfortable grip.

They are available both in metric size for Japanese and European motorcycles and in inches for the American motorcycles!


Biltwell Helmets

The Biltwell Bonanza, Biltwell Gringo and Biltwell Lane Splitter are all unique helmets that have turned the market upside down.


Biltwell Bonanza / ECE

The Bonanza is the most sold helmet at the moment! Available in the most striking colours and designs, the Bonanza is the perfect helmet for the wardrobe of any Café Racer or Custom rider. Furthermore, the Bonanza is characterized by a great fit and high-quality finish. That same finish ensures that the Bonanza helmet is very comfortable around your head during long rides.


Biltwell Gringo / Gringo S / ECE

With the Gringo S and the Gringo, Biltwell has put a great full-face helmet on the market that combines an awesome retro look with modern technology. Available with a fixed folding visor or just old school with snap fasteners for one of the many retro visors that Biltwell supplies for the helmet.

You will also find the awesome colours of the Bonanza helmets for the Gringo and the Gringo S as well! If you prefer a darker and subtle look rather than a flashy metallic flake silver, that is not a problem. Everything is possible!


Biltwell Lane Splitter/ ECE

The Lane Splitter is without a doubt the most striking helmet from the Biltwell line. With the sleek design of its chin piece, the helmet reminds us of racing helmets from the '80s and' 90s. The design guarantees comfort and is hardly sensitive to wind, which makes it perfect for longer rides on your Café Racer!

With its aggressive look, the Biltwell Lane Splitter is perfect for everyone who wants maximum protection but can handle an eventual traffic light sprint.


Biltwell Visors

Biltwell offers a wide variety of visors, which is the perfect accessory for your Gringo, Gringo S or Bonanza helmets. From black to mirror gold, from flat to Bubble-style, everything is possible with the snap button system used on the Gringo and Bonanza helmets. The visors are even interchangeable between the two models.


Biltwell Gloves

The company also offers different pairs of gloves so that every rider can find his heart’s desire. The Moto Gloves are a nice set of summer gloves and will be perfect for any rider who values the freedom of movement offered by a short glove. Moreover, the breathable fabric is ideal for summer days.

The Gauntlet and Work gloves are made out of beautiful supple leather and combine both a retro look and a high level of protection, thanks to the use of buffalo leather. Just like the other products from the Biltwell line, you can also get the gloves in a lot of different colours. This way, they will always fit your motorcycle or your Gear.

With the Bantam gloves, you combine the best of both worlds, supple leather in the places where you want maximum protection, but also flexible and breathable fabric where it is needed the most.

You can fit the current line of gloves here: link

The company also supplies nice hard parts for your Café Racer or Custom motorcycles.

With the Utility mirrors, you get your hands on retro-styled mirrors that fit perfectly with Grips and Whiskey-Throttle gas handles. Both are made from high-quality material and are the perfect replacement for the often old-fashioned standard mirrors and gas handles.

You can find these parts in our shop, here: mirrors, gas handles


Biltwell Seats

Biltwell also supplies a line of awesome seats for Harley Davidsons and Triumphs. The seats are of excellent quality, as is it expected from the brand. It will definitely be worth your money.

You can find them here: Link


Top 5 selling products


  • High quality
  • Perfect fit
  • Affordable
  • Modern design


  • Some products are not available for the metric system
  • Delivery time can take more time