Hagon Shocks have been imported to the Netherlands since 1992, thanks to Morren Import. The progressive fork springs from the brand are designed for improved handling and rideability. That means that when the suspension is compressed, the springs become stronger. The brand offers more than 500 shocks for a great number of motorcycle models.

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Why choose Hagon shocks?

Hagon shocks have a very classic look and are really good quality as well. If you are rebuilding a bike in a classic style, these shocks are the ones to go for!

Which Hagon shock absorbers do I need for my motorcycle?

It depends on the motorcycle which shocks you'll need. But, whichever ones you end up choosing, the shocks will always be made to your liking and to the exact specifications of your motorcycle.

Are Hagon shocks customisable?

This depends on the motorcycle you use the shocks for. No matter what though, the shocks will at least always be made to your liking and to fit the exact specifications of your bike.

How to mount Hagon shocks?

You mount the Hagon shocks in the same way as the original shocks come off the bike.

How to adjust Hagon shock absorbers?

Most shocks come with a special half open wrench. You can use this wrench to adjust the pre-load of your shocks.

How to test Hagon shocks?

You can sit on your motorcycle first and put some pressure on the shocks. If this holds, you can go for a short ride and try out some speed bumps along the way to test them further.

When to change Hagon shocks?

You change the shocks when you want an upgrade for your motorbike or when you just have to replace the old ones.

Where are Hagon shocks made?

Hagon shocks originate in England, but will be put together for you by a small team of professionals in the Netherlands.