Is your cafe racer in need of a proper washing? The Muc-Off motorcycle cleaner products will give your cafe racer its shine back in no time! In our range you will find plenty of motorbike cleaner products from the renowned pink brand.

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Muc-Off has been around since the ‘90’s and was brought into the world to make the cleaning of bikes and motorcycles lots easier. The products didn’t contain any harmful salts that many of the cleaning products used back then. Muc-Off bike cleaner products are eco-friendly, highly effective and don’t cause any damage to the delicate surfaces of your cafe racer.

Besides a wide range of cleaning and performance products you’ll enjoy fast delivery and personalised advice when you choose to shop with us!

Muc-Off bike cleaner

If you’re looking for a Muc-Off cleaning kit that will make your cafe racer shine like never before, then we have the perfect kit for you. In the Muc-Off bike cleaning kit you’ll find everything you need to wash your motorcycle and protect it against corrosion. This kit contains the best bike cleaner, a protection spray, a big sponge and a brush to thoroughly clean your wheels and other components. Add to that a bag to store all of these products. Really everything you need to give your cafe racer the washing it deserves!

Muc-Off degreaser

To keep your cafe racer running smoothly, you need to grease and/or oil the moving parts every now and then. Unfortunately, this greasing process can have its drawbacks in the form of built-up grease, oil and grime that you want to get rid of as soon as possible. For this reason Muc-Off has plenty of degreasing products that you can use. Think of Muc-Off bio degreaser as a motorcycle chain cleaner. This will get rid of all the grime and grease in no-time!

Muc-Off pressure washer for sale

In our range you can find the best pressure washer for your motorcycle! This Muc-Off pressure washer comes in a bundle, together with a snow foam lance, bike cleaner, bike cleaner concentrate, motorcycle protectant spray and two microfibre cloths. The products come with a handy storage dry bag so you won’t have to worry about tripping over the pressure washer while going about your garage.

The low-pressure snow foam lance is specially designed by Muc-Off so it doesn’t damage any delicate parts while deep cleaning your motorcycle. The Muc-Off pressure washer in combination with the snow foam lance turns the bottle with bike cleaner product into thick snow foam for a thorough cleaning.

Muc-Off chain lube

While riding your cafe racer a large amount of power is put on the rear wheel - about the same amount as a small car. All of this goes through the motorbike chain. If you don’t take care of your motorcycle chain and let it run dry, it will be eating itself and its sprockets away sooner than you might think. Because of this it’s of high importance to regularly lubricate your motorbike chain to keep it running smoothly and make it last as long as possible. With Muc-Off lube you keep your motorcycle chain in top condition, no matter the weather!

Choose for a Muc-Off dry lube when riding in dry weather conditions and a Muc-Off wet lube when you’re planning to ride during wet weather conditions! Besides those you can also find the Extreme chain lube and the Endurance chain lube in our range.

Muc-Off anti-fog

When the weather suddenly turns while riding your cafe racer, you don’t want to end up with fogged up goggles, glasses or helmet visor. To prevent that from happening, we have Muc-Off anti-fog products in our range. This will keep you and the ones around you safe.

You can choose to buy the Muc-off anti-fog as a separate product, but also as part of a kit for helmet care. This Muc-Off helmet care bundle comes with:

  • A cleaning foam to keep the inside fresh;
  • A cleaning product for the outside and the visor;
  • Anti-fog that will keep your visor fog-free for up to 5 days;
  • A microfibre towel.

Buy Muc-Off cleaning kits and much more!

The pink brand is known for offering everything you need for thoroughly cleaning your motorbike, from bike chain cleaners to a portable pressure washer to microfibre cloths. If you order your products at Cafe Racer Webshop you’ll have them delivered to your home as soon as possible.

If you have a special someone who deserves an awesome gift, then we have plenty of Muc-Off kits which are great to give away. Think of the ultimate Muc-Off motorcycle cleaning kit or just put together your own gift package full of the best motorcycle cleaning products!

Need help?

Didn’t find the Muc-Off product you were looking for? Or maybe you’re not sure which motorbike cleaner works best for your motorcycle. Whatever your question is: don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your questions about our products or services. We’re happy to help you along your journey of building the cafe racer of your dreams!