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    If we refund a payment to you the following will happen.

    In our system we will check what payment provider you have used. This could be a Manual payment transfer with your bank, an online payment trough our check out system, a PayPal refund or a payment via Klarna for example. 

    We will always refund the money with the same payment you have used. The refunded funds will always be transferred to the bank account you have used for the payment. 

    If the money came from Paypal we will refund to your Paypal as wel. 

    Wen you have used Klarna they payment will not be refunded but the Payment request that this third party will do will be cancelled by us. So you will not have to pay anymore, if you have already paid for it these funds will be credited back to your account. 

    We will proceed with the refund the same day as we proces a return or cancellation of the item. 

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