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Honda cb900 f2 bol d'Or

Honda cb900 f2 bol d'Or

Honda cb900 f2 bol d'Or
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Hereby offered for sale; this as good as new Honda cb900 f2 bol d'Or that is at least as good to taste as when it rolled out of the factory in 1983.

The engine was completely stripped and rebuilt in the construction year and a half. In addition to a complete head overhaul, the carburetors, for example, have also been completely overhauled, ultrasonically cleaned and constructed using a revision set and a hand-assembled Dynojet kit. This means that the fuel mixture is adjusted as well as possible to the K&N air filters, the mufflers and the average weather conditions in the Netherlands.

In addition to a thorough motor inspection, the frame has also been tackled to the steel and again provided with a high-quality 2k lacquer layer. The original slack swingarm is reinforced and equipped with monoshock suspension, the revised front fork comes from a 1979 cb to fit the ventilated brake discs and handmade, brand new spoke rims under this engine.

The largely retracted cable harness provides the simple odometer with indicator light and the necessary buttons with power to safely participate in traffic via a lithium battery.

All in all an engine that has been worked on with meticulous eye and a lot of pleasure. This cb 900 is a real cafe racer, an indestructible handmade rocket on wheels.

Expecting to have informed you sufficiently, I look forward to your response.
Sjon van Kleinwee
Tel: 06 104 415 80
The Netherlands
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