Parts BMW K100 Café Racer

In the 1980s, BMW introduced a new series of motorcycles: the K100 series. Like the other models in the K series, the motorcycles were aimed more at the touring and sports enthusiasts. As a result, the K100 engine was unfortunately not very popular with old-school BMW fans.

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Parts BMW K100 Café Racer

Despite that, a lot of this BMW model has been sold! This ensured that there are many aftermarket parts available today. This is good, because the possibilities are endless and you can tinker with your K100 to your heart's content.

For those who are working on their own BMW K100 project or want to venture into it soon, Cafe Racer Webshop offers the solution. Here you can find many different aftermarket BMW K100 parts. This way you can customize your motorcycle exactly the way you want! We also have plenty of parts for the BMW K100rs, but also BMW K100lt parts. So take a quick look at our wide range of K-series parts!

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BMW K100 sub frame

Especially for our BMW customers, we havesubframes in our range that fit perfectly on your K100 engine. Take the upswept subframe, for example, with which you can easily mount the high-mount exhaust link pipe for the K100. You can also opt for our 28mm hoop, with or without separate LED strip. These subframe hoops can be edited and sprayed over as desired. With the heap with loose LED strip, you can easily place the strip in it after editing thanks to the milled slot. Perfect for your BMW K100 scrambler seat!

Shock absorber BMW K100

Our shock absorbers have been specially developed to keep your cafe racer ride enjoyable and safe. They provide, among other things, better security, more feeling, perfect shock absorption and therefore comfort at the highest level. The Hagon shock absorbers always fit perfectly on your K100 motorcycle, because you can indicate the length you need. Prefer a bright color for your beloved K-series motorcycle? Then you can opt for the Yss shock absorbers ; You can choose from different colors that immediately give your cafe racer the desired look. This applies to both the universal shock absorbers and the shock absorbers specific to the BMW K100.

BMW K100 radiator cover

With us you will find different caps and covers for the BMW K100 radiator . These are specially made for those who are working on a K100 scrambler project. They give your motorcycle the perfect BMW K100 scrambler look. With our special K-series kit you are ready in one go. This saves you a lot of research and it is also cheaper than ordering the separate parts. What else do you want?

  1. In this cafe racer kit you will find the following parts:
  2. Polyester seat;
  3. Complete and upholstered BMW K100 scrambler seat;
  4. Headlight fairing;
  5. Radiator/tank side covers;
  6. Front fender.

BMW K100 exhaust systems

You can contact us for different types of BMW K100 exhaust systems . Take, for example, an exhaust with an angle of 60 degrees, 30 degrees or an exhaust system with no angle. It just depends on which variant you think fits your cafe racer best. Also consider a high-mount exhaust link pipe, with which your muffler ends up just under the saddle. Please note that you do buy a special subframe and saddle: that is just a bit more comfortable. Of course you will also find plenty of silencers here that fit perfectly on your exhaust and so you can give your K100 collector the look you want!

Buy a used BMW motorcycle!

Cafe Racer Webshop not only offers cafe racer parts. In addition to a wide range of parts, we also offer a marketplace for motorcycle fans. So you can go here if you want to offer your motorcycle for sale , but also if you want to buy a second-hand motorcycle. So if you are looking for a second-hand BMW K100 motorcycle, keep an eye on our sales page!

Please note: we only offer the marketplace for seller and buyer. We do not mediate in the purchase or sale of your motorcycle and are not responsible for the content of the advertisement. If you have any questions about the cafe racer, please contact the motorcycle manager.

Buy BMW parts for your K100 at Cafe Racer Webshop

Cafe Racer Webshop is ready for you if you are working on your BMW project, or if you want to venture into it soon. In our range you will find everything you need to make your K100 truly yours. Because the BMW K-series is extremely popular, it is not difficult to find good aftermarket cafe racer parts for it. Take a look at our wide range today, so you can start your project tomorrow!

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How do you convert a BMW K100 into a cafe racer?

First of all, you can start by removing the covers and lowering the steering wheel. You can then shorten the subframe, mount a different seat and a rearset on it. These are good first basic steps to convert your BMW K100 into a cafe racer. The further steps depend on your personal taste, in the end it is your own cafe racer project!

BMW K100 or another model from the BMW K-series as the basis for a cafe racer?

The BMW K100 is a four-cylinder and has a bit more power than the BMW K75, which has a three-cylinder engine. The K1100 has a little more torque than the K100 and needs less revs for the same speed. All in all, the difference between the different models in the BMW K-series is not extremely large and it depends more on your personal preference.

BMW K series or BMW R series?

A BMW K-series motorcycle is a more modern motorcycle, but a BMW R-series motorcycle has the classic boxer engine. When choosing a model from these two BMW series as the basis for your cafe racer project, it mainly depends on your personal preference. Ultimately, you can convert your cafe racer into a perfect fit for you.

BMW K100 holds back above 3000 rpm. How is this possible?

In many cases, the origin of this problem lies in the fuel filter and we therefore recommend replacing it. If this does not solve the problem, the tank vent may be clogged.

Cleaning injectors K100?

You can clean the injectors of the engine with a specially intended injector cleaner. When you clean the injectors and the engine runs better, it is wise to also check the spark plug wires of the engine. These can cause the engine to run less well and eventually the injectors need to be cleaned.

Very heavy knocking during cold engine K100. How come?

When you keep a low speed with a cold engine, you can observe a very heavy knocking. This noise can also occur when the rubber at the transmission damper is worn.