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Placing a Li-ion battery in the motorcycle is becoming more common these days. Despite the fact that you have been walking around with a lithium battery in your smartphone for years, the use of such a battery in the motorcycle is still relatively new.

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Buy lithium battery motor

Placing a lithium ion battery has many advantages over gel batteries and the usual lead batteries. Read on quickly to see what a li-ion battery can mean for your cafe racer, but also what you should pay attention to when you decide to use such a battery.

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The advantages of a li-ion battery

The fact that a lithium battery is often used in smartphones these days immediately reveals some of the biggest advantages of installing a Li-ion battery in your motorcycle: they are small, light and can be recharged very often. In addition, they can discharge very hard, which ensures that your motorcycle will start very quickly. The size and weight of a lithium battery is ideal for a custom motorcycle; this way you can keep the design and weight of your cafe racer as minimalistic and light as possible, without the need for a battery pack.

In addition, a li-ion battery has a very long life, provided it is properly maintained. Make sure that the environment around the battery does not get too cold and that you use the correct battery charger.

Maintenance lithium battery

To keep the performance and safety of your battery as optimal as possible, it must be properly maintained. The performance and life of a lithium battery is greatly influenced by the temperature of the environment, but also whether the correct battery charger is used. For example, a Li-ion battery does not like the cold, which you can immediately notice when you go out in the winter. Make sure that the shed or garage where you store your motorcycle is warm and that you use a battery charger that is suitable for a lithium ion battery.

Charging your lithium battery

With a lithium ion battery, the charging process must be taken seriously. Make sure you have a suitable lithium battery charger , such as the Noco Genius battery charger. This battery charger is super powerful, energy efficient and very compact: the ideal charger for your 6V or 12V lithium battery. With the Noco Genius battery charger you only need one charger for all your motorcycle batteries. Do not use a trickle charger that is not intended for a lithium battery. This can cause a li-ion battery to be overcharged, bulge and eventually even burst, ignite or explode!

With a lithium ion battery, therefore, be very careful that you use the correct battery charger and do not wait too long before completing your cafe racer project. Leaving it for a long time and not using such a battery is disastrous.

Revision lithium battery

It is possible that you experience problems while driving that may have to do with your battery, or encounter a problem during the overhaul of your lithium battery. You don't have to throw away your lithium ion battery immediately. When the safety threshold of your li-ion battery has been reached, it can still be overhauled and repaired. The above Noco Genius Lithium battery charger is great for overhauling and restoring your lithium ion battery. and you can also restore your lithium ion battery in the event of lost performance. This ensures a powerful start for your motorcycle. With the Noco Genius you know for sure that you are in the right place!

Replacing an old battery with a lithium ion battery

Do you want to replace your old lead or gel motor battery with a new li-ion battery? If it concerns a lithium battery 12V, that is usually no problem. You should pay attention to the rectifier or voltage regulator of your motorcycle: does it provide the correct voltage? Both at idle and at full throttle? The value of the voltage regulator must not exceed 14.5 volts. In addition to the voltage, you should also pay attention to the Ah and the CCA, which you can find in the manual or on the old battery of your motorcycle. In most cases, a lithium battery with the current CCA is sufficient.

Lithium battery brands

You will always find a suitable lithium battery in our range, always from the best brands. Take, for example, JMT batteries . Not only does this brand offer lead and gel batteries, but they are also big in the production of lithium batteries for the motorcycle. The brand is known for its good price-quality ratio and is therefore certainly not inferior to the well-known Yuasa brand. A lithium ion battery from JMT is ideal for custom cafe racer builders: you can mount them in all kinds of ways, without them leaking. They are small, light, heat resistant and waterproof. In addition to JMT, we also always have a li-ion battery from the Motobatt brand and suitable lithium battery chargers from Noco in our range. So take a quick look to find your perfect lithium battery!

A suitable lithium battery for everyone!

As you can see, you can choose a li-ion battery from the best brands with us. If you order your lithium battery before 9 p.m., in most cases you can place it in your cafe racer tomorrow. So take a quick look at our range!

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