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How-to Cut a new thread with a die or tap

How-To cut a new thread with a die or tap. 

If you have a damaged thread in your motorcycle you need a new wire thread. If you are making a motorcycle part/bracket yourself you can drill a hole for mounting a part. Sometimes you want a new thread in it. 
A wire thread is sometimes better then using a nut on the bolt. Because the back end is difficult to reach and you can’t put a nut on the bolt. Sometimes it is easier to just be able to use a bolt without the nut because you have made your own wire thread in the material. This also gives your bike a more clean and simplistic deign. That is what we are looking for in a Caferacer!
You can see on a diagram or the internet what size drill you want to use before using the tap. Taps most of the time come in two or three fases. The last one cuts the deepest in the material. If your start with the last one you will not get it trough. Be careful don’t put to much force on the tap because it will break and it is difficult to drill this hard steel out of your object. 
I have found a great instructional video about this subject. You can see this for yourself:
We have a great product for sale on our website so you can start making your own wire threads at home! 
Have fun with this! And good luck with your bike project.
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