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How to: Paint your Rims Cheap and Fast

17 May 2019
by Max G

In this post, Her Majestys Thunder shows you How to Paint your Rims Cheap and Fast!

Let's admit it, doing something for a low price is not always the best way to do things right, but it could help out if you are in a hurry or if you have a small budget.

This being said, let's let this guy explain it to you.

"I'll confess, I'm sort of cheap. And impatient to ride. Last weekend I finally painted my motorcycle rims black. I've been photoshopping it for years and finally got around to it. I'm fully aware that powder coating is the way to go when painting your bike rims, but, here's a quick way to paint your rims yourself using Appliance Epoxy Paint, without even having to remove the tires. This works for car rims as well."

Step 1. - Preparation:

  • Thoroughly clean the rims with a degreaser.
  • Wet-sand the chrome and rinse.
  • Let it dry.
  • Mask off the rim using playing cards. (Much better than masking tape). They create a very precise mask and it only takes about 5 minutes.

How to Paint your Rims Cheap and Fast 1

Step 2. - Some more preparation:

Flip over the wheel and place it on a bucket. Use another deck of cards to mask off the other side of the rim to prevent overspray onto the tire.

How to Paint your Rims Cheap and Fast 2

Step 3. - Primer:

Use a self-etching primer. I used Duplicolor - available at auto parts shops. Let dry, lightly sand, add another coat of primer.

How to Paint your Rims Cheap and Fast 3

Step 4. - Paint:

Use Appliance Epoxy paint by Rust-oleum. I recommend painting one side and flipping it over to paint the other side before the first side dries. To keep from marring the wet paint, I propped the rim up on a small bowl, on top of the bucket. The small bowl fits inside the area I'm not painting.

How to Paint your Rims Cheap and Fast 4

Step 5. - Mount Wheels and Ride:

How to Paint your Rims Cheap and Fast 5

How to Paint your Rims Cheap and Fast 6

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