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How to Use VHT Wrinkle Paint

19 Dec 2018
by B. Schaap

How to Use VHT Wrinkle Paint


First, let me start with this is based on my experience…... Moist in the air, humidity, temperature, material and other circumstances have a big influence on the process so there is always a chance that you will not immediately get the result you want. Nothing is certain but my experience with this paint can possibly help you, so I’d like to share what I have found out. 

VHT wrinkle paint is a great product and very cool looking. If you are able to achieve the best result possible, it will look very neat on your bike. In my opinion, it looks good on crankcases, valve covers and other small engine covers like an ignition cover. For the exhaust, I would use normal heat resistant paint. For example, if you want to paint a starting engine, I also would use normal or some matt black paint. 

Back to the valve cover. If it is made of aluminium or metal, I would get it sandblasted or take a metal/bronze brush on your angle grinder or drill and go to bare metal/aluminium. Don’t mind small scratches this paint is very thick and will solve this in the end. 

Now I have used the white primer of VHT paint before I used the Wrinkle Paint. This worked for me, it worked better than when I tried without. This primer is also heat resistant. Use three layers of coating. The first coat is not really a coating but more of a haze over the surface. Let it dry for 10 minutes and after the first real coating, wait for 45 minutes or so, then the last coating. Let it dry for two hours or so. It has to be hard on the surface. 

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Now you can use the wrinkle paint. Try to be patient and shake the can before painting (I know, this is difficult, haha). You want the paint can to be room temperature and the same goes for the surface you want to work on.

Apply again three layers of paint. The first one is a haze on the surface (not a real coating/layer). Wait ten minutes before applying the first real coating/layer. Thick but an even layer without any dripping paint. Then wait at least half an hour (maybe 45 minutes) then apply a second layer of paint.

Now comes the most important part. Wait for two or three hours minimum. The surface has to be shiny and a flat surface. Without wrinkles is what I mean, you don’t want the wrinkle effect at this stage. It has to be hard/sticky on the surface definitely not wet anymore!

Now you put the painted part in a pre-heated oven that is on around 100 degrees. You leave it there between 5 or 10 minutes. Now you should see the wrinkle effect. If the effect is even over the whole part, you’re done. 

If the wrinkle effect is not evenly covering the whole part, you can let the part cool down and spray it one more time. Wait two hours and again in the oven. Now it should be better.

If you do it like this you might succeed, most important 2 golden rules: don’t put the part in the oven when the paint is still wet.  Second; don’t wait too long before you put it in the oven. When the wrinkle effect is already there before heating/baking, you’re too late and the end result will not be as good. 

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Have fun with this, in the end, it is all worth it and it looks great!

Underneath here you see pictures of my engine. The engine itself is done with primer and paint from VHT and the valve covers are wrinkle paint from VHT.

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