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RAW MOTO SMART Bluetooth Battery


You're reading right, the world's first SMART batteries are here!
Understanding the status of your motorcycle has never been easier than with these RAW MOTO batteries.
With the specially developed app you can see exactly how full your battery is, how long it will last and much more!

You know, you split your half engine to get to your battery and then find out that the problem was not at all on the battery! That is now a thing of the past.
These ultra-strong Bluetooth-equipped batteries are perfect and almost indispensable for every café racer.

RAW MOTO is THE brand for unique and qualitative products and their debut is only available at caferacer parts!

It works like this:
Install the App HERE (IOS) or HERE (Android).

Connect your phone to your battery d.m.v. bluetooth
View all the information about your battery that you want!


What can you do with it?
With this battery you can not only save a lot of weight and space but much more.
The battery is so small and powerful that the smallest battery from RAW MOTO (130cca) is almost the same as a ytz 7 from JMT that is even bigger! So you save a lot on your KGs, but you can also place the battery in the most impossible places.

In addition to this weight and space saving you can read this battery as a book d.m.v. the included mobile APP. In this app you can for example see how full your battery is, how long he would go on this charge, how good your battery is, set trip meters for power use, load test execution and much more!

The advantages of these batteries compared to a normal motorcycle battery:

  • They are very small
  • They are only 1/3 of the weight of a normal battery
  • Multifunctional: You can mount them at any angle
  • Will last a very long time (with proper maintenance of course)

"I have a very heavy BMW, can I use this battery?"
The answer is simple; Yes, that's possible!
The largest variant of this RAW MOTO SMART battery range contains no less than 390CCA.
This starts a heavy BMW R100 in 1 time without any difficulty. XV920 et, but also a fat Fatboy Harley Davidson.

"How do I maintain it?"
To provide the battery with a life as long as possible, it is best to charge it with a special lithium battery charger. (Lithium Battery Charger)

A lithium battery charger gives exactly enough voltage to neatly charge and maintain the battery.
Note: Do not use a normal charger (with program) on a lithium battery.

The battery comes in 3 different types:

4 cells (click here)
Recommended for:
1) Race / road bikes up to 600cc
2) Supermotos and Dirtbikes compete with 450cc.
3) Competition ATVs up to 450cc
4) Daily driver's bikes up to 450cc

Not recommended for
1) Only street applications in -600cc bikes (use the 8-cell only for street)
2) Dirt applications where you drive very far (use 8-cell)
3) Cold weather below 45 degrees at 500cc.

8 cells (click here)
Recommended for
1) Track / race Motors up to 1200cc (only for runway use)
2) Street can only cycle up to 750cc.
3) Use of streets and dirt on Supermoto, Enduro bikes up to 750 cc

Not recommended for
1) Only allows applications on engines in 1200cc range (use the 12-cell for street only)
2) Cold weather below 50 degrees on 1000cc-1200cc bikes (use 12-cell)

12 cells (click here)
Recommended for
1) Track - / race engines up to 1500cc
2) Road motors only up to 1300cc.
3) Engines from 600cc to 1300cc street or runway use
4) Large Enduro bikes (KTM Super Enduro)

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