MotoGadget – An all-time favourite

MotoGadget has always considered the quality of their motorcycle’s instruments and accessories of paramount importance. Their particular design, functions, materials and finish making the brand the best choice for Café Racer builders who want to give their motorcycles something different.

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The product portfolio of MotoGadget contains all the products which can make your Café Racer stand out: Analogue multifunctional instrument panel, multifunctional digital instrument panel, electronic switches, mirrors, indicators, m unit blue, cable harnesses, grips and much more.

Their policy “Made in Germany” translates into quality products from Berlin, which is sought after by enthusiastic Café Racer builders striving to improve their motorcycle’s aesthetics.

MotoGadget Product Line

MotoGadget is a true pioneer in the field of Cafe Racer parts. The quality alongside their beautiful design and simplicity is a real "must" for the hobby motorcycle builder and even for professionals.

M Unit Blue / M Unit Basic

Everyone knows this awesome piece of technology. This great all-rounder can breathe new life into every Cafe Racer. If you want a "clean look", the M Unit is highly recommended. The M Unit Basic is a nice entry part but what if you want something more? Then you should get your hands on the M Unit Blue. You can connect the M Unit Blue to your Smartphone to use the unique functions, for example:

  • Start your Café Racer with your Smartphone
  • View alarm events
  • Information on all in- and out ports; current, voltage and temperature
  • Parking location of your motorcycle
  • Logbook changes
  • Set alarm as desired (profile and sensitivity)

In addition, the base of both M Unit product is almost the same. For example, it replaces your fuse box, it has a horn and a flashing light relay, you can change from high to low beams with the simple push of a button, you have an integrated alarm system and you no longer need your old starter relay. If you are curious and would like to see what the M Unit box is like, watch the video below.

Click on this link to go to the M Unit Blue

Click on this link to go to the M Unit Basic

Motogadget Digital / Analogue Speedometers / Tachometers

Are you looking for a high-quality speedometer or tachometer? MotoGadget might not be the first brand you are thinking of, yet the company offers many models, both analogue and digital. MotoGadget kept simplicity in mind in all their products while considering all the necessary options. In addition, you can feel and see the quality of the instrument panels, which are easily concealed by the special MotoGadget meter brackets.

Click on this link to go to the digital Motogadget meters

Click on this link to go to the analog Motogadget meters

Motogadget Switches

The M.Switch and the M.Switch mini are simple to use yet a pleasure to look at. They are available for 22 mm or 1” Cafe Racer handlebars. The switches work perfectly with the MotoGadget M Unit and are easy and fun to use.

Click on this link to go to the Motogadget switches

Motogadget Indicators

You need to be seen when you change direction, yet the indicators themselves should be as small as possible. MotoGadget has taken that into consideration and has designed five beautiful indicators. Every type of buyer will find their heart’s desire. If you want bar-end indicators for your Café Racer, you can use the M.Blaze disc or M.Blaze cone. If you would rather use your old fastening points, then you should take a look at the M.Blaze ice or the M.Blaze edge. However, if you are looking for something really minimalist, then the M.Blaze pin is what you need. Your visibility is guaranteed so that you can safely drive through traffic on your Café Racer.

Click on this link to go to the Motogadget indicators

Motogadget Grips

Don't lose grip on your Café Racer with the MotoGadget grips. They are of premium quality, which is what your Café Racer deserves. The rider can choose between the M.Grip aluminium and the M.Grip soft. The choice is yours.

Click on this link to go to the Motogadget M.Grip soft

Click on this link to go to the Motogadget M.Grip aluminium

Motogadget Mirrors

MotoGadget is revolutionary in what it does but they really upped their game with glassless mirrors. You read that rad, the new MotoGadget mirrors are glassless!

You have the choice between 9 models: M.View sport (ECE), M.View club (ECE), M.View cafe (ECE), M.View flight (ECE), M.View road (ECE), M.View race (ECE), M.View classic (ECE), M.View spy and the M.View blade.

The mirrors are not supplied with glass, but with a very finely polished metal surface. The mirrors cannot break while being scratch-resistant and very strong. In addition, these MotoGadget mirrors give a very nice look to your motorcycle. If you are curious and would like to see what these M.View mirrors look like, check the video below.

Click on this link to go to the Motogadget M.View mirrors

Motogadget M.Lock

The M.Lock is a contact-free digital ignition with RFID technology which replaces your current manual ignition. The corresponding digital key / transponder only needs to be held in front of the M.Lock and the engine is switched on or off without any contact.

The M.lock works with the latest RFID technology and is therefore fraud-proof and unlike any other remote control system. Every key / transponder has a unique code. The M.lock can only be operated with the correct digital code.

Because of its small size, the M.Lock can be easily concealed for a "clean look".

Do you find the supplied teardrop key for the M.Lock too big? If so, you can purchase the key glass tube. It is so small (3 x 13 mm) that it can, for example, be sewn in your glove.

With the corresponding code, you can switch your Café Racer on and off without any contact.

Motogadget Wiring harness / Relay / Sensors / Indicator lights

MotoGadget does not only have products that improve the aesthetics of your motorcycle. They also offer a wide range of products that you can use on your Café Racer. Relays, sensors, indicator lights and even a complete basic cable harness. This is the best way to easily connect your MotoGadget parts, for example the motoscope mini !

Top 5 popular MotoGadget products

  1. M Unit Blue
  2. M Unit Basic
  3. M.View spy
  4. M.Blaze Disc
  5. Motoscope mini

MotoGadget Advantages

  • Excellent quality
  • Easy operation
  • Products fit together perfectly
  • Clear manuals

MotoGadget Drawbacks

  • High prices
  • Basic electronic tools
  • Basic knowledge of electronics required



What is a motorcycle mo.unit?

The Motogadget mo.unit is the new heart of your motorbike. It makes wiring up your motorcycle much easier and brings a number of smart functions with it. With the mo.unit blue you can even control functions of the motorbike with your phone!

Why would I use a Motogadget m.unit?

A mo.unit makes it possible to wire the motor with a minimum number of thin cables. This instantly simplifies the whole process of rewiring the engine. The mo.unit turns an old motorbike into a modern cafe racer in no time!

Which parts does the mo.unit replace?

Apart from the start relay, the mo.unit replaces almost all the electrics in the engine. For instance, the big bulky buttons can be replaced with minimalistic ones and the motogadget has many other advantages like this.

For what do I use the mo.switch?

The mo.switch buttons are meant to replace the large standard buttons found on many old motorbikes. These Motogadget switches work perfectly together with the mo.button. To make the buttons work optimally, you do need a mo.unit!

How do Motogadget glassless mirrors work?

Instead of mirrors with glass, the mo.view Motogadget mirrors are made of very finely polished metal. You're still ensured that you can see the road behind you properly, but because of the high quality metal, these mirrors are almost unbreakable!

How does a Motogadget keyless contact work?

The RFID lock from Motogadget works with an RFID-drop on your keychain. You hover the drop over the "lock", after which the engine will start. This provides a contactless way to start your engine. In contrast to many other remote controls, the Motogadget keyless contact is as good as fraud-proof!

How do I reset my mo.unit blue?

To delete all internal data, such as Bluetooth-devices, odometer, settings, and events, start the setup. Now hold the start and horn push buttons together for 10s. A successful reset will be indicated by a brief flashing of the blinkers. We recommend a reset, particularly if the mo.unit was purchased in a used condition, prior to installation.