Build your own BMW K75 cafe racer

In 1985, the BMW K75 series appeared with three models. The K75 'naked bike', the K75C slightly less 'naked bike' with a small steering fairing and the K75S, which is equipped with a streamlined fairing. Later in the 1980s, BMW also introduced a few other models.

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Build your own BMW K75 cafe racer

The BMW K series has become popular due to its reliability, low consumption and unique appearance. Where the single-sided swingarm, aluminum tank and concealed electronics provided a clean appearance, the large engine block ensured that the BMW K models also had something brutal about them. All in all, the K75 was quite an advanced engine for its time as a liquid-cooled three-cylinder in-line engine with horizontal cylinders. Below we discuss which BMW K75 parts you need to build a really cool cafe racer.

A wide range of BMW K75 cafe racer parts

The BMW K75 is an iconic model and is often used as a cafe racer project. To make your K75 cafe racer project a success, you need naturally good parts that do not rob the K75 of its unique appearance, but that enhance this appearance.

Aftermarket parts are plentiful. But where do you start? It can sometimes be overwhelming to go through this maze and figure out which parts are right for your BMW K75 cafe racer project. The looks of your motorcycle are of course something you pay a lot of attention to and probably also the reason why you look for the most beautiful and unique after-market parts. The fact that they are not only functional, but also complete your cafe racer in terms of looks is of course a win-win situation!

BMW K75 cafe racer lighting

Let's start with the lighting for your cafe racer . The shining eyes in the dark let everyone know that no one is coming just like that. Where bright LED lights are often associated with modern vehicles, the yellow headlights are more often found on cool retro cafe racers. With new lighting for your K75 cafe racer you can completely change the look of your motorcycle with a small but striking modification. Consider, for example, an amber headlight with a grill or a headlight with LED lighting to modernize the K75 a bit.

Of course, the back should not be forgotten. A popular trend was an LED strip as a rear light, but nowadays we also see more and more Kellermann and Motogadget alternatives. A BMW K75 cafe racer simply needs a nice cleaned up back. Combine the LED strip with sequential flashing lights or a rear light and flashing light combination to modernize your retro cafe racer and make its appearance extra unique!

BMW K75 cafe racer throttles & grips

Besides lighting, cafe racer grips are incredibly recognizable. The traditional cafe racers are equipped with robust, tough grips with a coarse pattern, which makes your throttle look super sleek. The robust pattern allowed the rider to have more grip. Very nice and handy to attach throttle levers in this style to your cafe racer.

BMW K75 grips can significantly improve your driving experience. Don't worry about the retro look of your K75 cafe racer project, because we have the right grips for your K75 cafe racer. Do you opt for handles in brown, green, sand yellow or black? Then you have the traditional colors of the cafe racer!

BMW K75 cafe racer seats

Have you ever seen a cafe racer with a stock seat? We neither! An aftermarket seat is a popular modification that many cafe racer owners use to give that retro look to their motorcycle. The seat covers a large surface of your motorcycle, so there is a lot to gain from that. If you mount a retro saddle, this is immediately noticeable. Think of the leather saddles with rough stripe or diamond patterns that can often be found on cafe racers or a fiberglass racing seat. Not only do these look fantastic, but they are also very comfortable. If you use your cafe racer for touring, then you definitely deserve a real cafe racer saddle.

View our wide range of cafe racer saddles and choose which one best suits your BMW K75 cafe racer project!

BMW K75 cafe racer mufflers & exhaust systems

Of course, this list would be incomplete if we didn't mention exhaust systems for cafe racers, because we all know that sound contributes significantly to the driving experience. Tunnels with good acoustics are your best friend and everyone in your hometown knows who is coming. Exhausts can, in addition to a great sound, also have benefits for the performance of your motorcycle. Think, for example, of a little more power, but also better combustion that makes you drive more efficiently. Always welcome right? Just be aware of legal standards regarding noise and have a damper installed if necessary

Another common modification on cafe racers are exhaust wraps . These can protect your exhaust system against overheating, resulting in better performance. In addition to this functional advantage, your exhaust also looks a lot cooler. Exhaust wraps for the BMW K75 Cafe Racer are very popular and affordable.

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The BMW K75 is an iconic motorcycle that you can do a lot with. If you are working on your BMW K75 cafe racer project, use our tips to provide your motorcycle with functional parts that also improve the looks of your motorcycle and really create that retro look. Find BMW K75 parts for you and create your own dream bike!

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