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How to make knee dents in your tank

24 Dec 2018
by B. Schaap

How to Make knee dents Cafe Racer style in your tank! 

Here is some inspiration for your build. A lot of people buy a new tank to improve the looks of their Cafe Racer.
There is another way and it is to modify your original tank. This is a cool option for various reasons; you spend a little less money and your tank is a unique self-created feature. 
Now you can use that money to buy other parts!
If you want to make your own knee dents, there are two options. The first one is to beat them in the tank with a hammer. However, this technique is not very accurate and neither side might end up identical.
There is another option. You make a drawing or sketch on each side where you want the knee dents. Then, you cut the desired shape out of the tank. Use an angle grinder or plasma cutter to get the job done!
Afterwards, you take the left side, turn it around and weld it back in on the right side of the tank and to the same on the other side.
You now have to use the angle grinder to make the tank smooth again. Apply some filler/primer and paint. It is recommended that you use a tank cleaner inside and then a tank sealer. 
It could be useful to apply a new coating into the tank to cover the rough surface you have welded. You can buy the coating here:
If you would like to see a video of someone making these knee dents to have an example, you can see it right here:
To read a little bit more about using tank cure and sealer, click here:

Click here for the tank cure blog

I hope this information has been useful to you. I wish you a lot of fun and happy riding with your unique tank! Let's attract some attention to your motorcycle!




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